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Genius tools to connect remote creative teams

Operate like you’re in the same room – even while miles apart. 

Person wears headphones and works on a computer.
Count it as a hard and fast truth: creative teams and agencies can work across time zones, and still knock creative campaigns and deliverables out of the park. Smart teams are proving to be innovative and productive in hybrid or remote settings – as long as they’re working with the right set of collaborative tools. Take a look at four ways Dropbox helps to connect remote creative teams by streamlining file sharing, speeding up reviews and lightening the burden of all those Zoom meetings.

Store files in one place

By storing all your files (including photos, video, graphics and more) in Dropbox, sharing becomes a breeze. All you have to do is send off a link, and the receiver can jump in to collaborate without stressing about file size limits or wondering if they’re looking at the latest. Dropbox syncs all changes across your devices instantly, so you can forget about those .FINALfinal email attachments. If your teammate makes an edit or change to the file, you’ll know instantly. And with sharing controls and folder permissions, you can add passwords or lock out anyone who shouldn’t be there.

Streamline internal feedback

Forget trying to parse through stakeholder feedback sent over email or messenger systems like Slack. With Dropbox, there’s space for comments right on the file, so questions, comments and confirmations stays consolidated in one spot – your single source of truth. Plus, you’ll get an alert when someone makes a comment, so nothing is missed and no problem is left unaddressed. 

Fast track video collaboration

Odds are you’re working on video, vide, and more video. Tired of trying to organise everyone’s thoughts as you hop from app to app? You can organise and review all video projects in Dropbox Replay – a super simple tool even non-editors can use to share out videos with a link, mark up the screen, add frame-based comments and review feedback. You can even create a virtual viewing room, so the entire team can watch and annotate the video at the same time, remotely. 

Eliminate unnecessary meetings

Hunting around for meeting times that suit all schedules and time zones can feel like a full-time job. Take things async with Dropbox Capture – you can create a screen recording with a voiceover to share quick status updates, walk through a design, share a pitch or give feedback. Capture can help you remove lengthy (unread) emails from your inbox and help you say more in a fraction of the time. Plus, your busy teammates get to watch the recording on their own time, when they’ve got the bandwidth to focus.