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Is this the ultimate recruiting time-saver?

Dropbox Capture is the competitive edge every HR pro needs.
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So you found The Candidate on LinkedIn. They live in Los Angeles and you’re in New York, but you want to share the job opportunity they’ll smile to see the minute they wake up. Because your calendar is double-booked with meetings, you can’t suggest they ‘jump on a Zoom’. (Candidates hate that anyway.) What to do? Meet the ultimate, hyper-personalised time-saver.

Dropbox Capture: Say more, without more meetings

Capture allows recruiters to record a video while ‘scrolling’ a candidate through a job description. It’s a way to humanise every job for every candidate – in just a few minutes, without requesting a 30-minute call right off the bat. Here’s a recording a recruiter might send to a promising candidate:

Recruiter Uses Dropbox Capture

Length of video? One minute. Even if you do a few takes, that’s just a few minutes of your time and your candidate’s time – and will hopefully entice them to set up a short call to chat more.

Not having enough time is the #1 pain point of every HR staff member and hiring manager – even though they’re charged with making warm, personalised introductions to their company culture. Consider these recent findings:

  • Managers are spending 40 percent more time hiring quality talent – especially remote talent, which tends to stay at a company longer.
  • A 2023 McLean & Company HR Trends Report reports ever-increasing rates of stress, burnout and workload among HR professionals.
  • A positive onboarding boosts employee happiness and retention. Recruitment and ‘great employee experience’ remain companies’ two top priorities in 2023.

Those are competing goals, but Capture can solve that pain point.

Got two minutes in London? Five in Singapore? Not a problem: Do the work, schedule the send and have a great video – linked to the job description – in someone’s inbox when they start their workday. Get ready for a calendar that’s wide open, because Capture is the scalable time-saver we’ve all wanted. (Note, too, the markup capability, to highlight the best parts of the job.)

Save managers time and improve candidate experience

Didn’t catch the candidate’s eye with your video? Lean on the hiring manager – not to block 30 minutes – but two. It’s a unique opportunity for them to connect in a one-on-one way, and show the candidate exactly who they’ll be working for. Here’s how that Capture might look:

Hiring Manager Uses Dropbox Capture
Boom: That did the trick. You got your #1 candidate’s attention, and they’re interested. They respond, the hiring manager sets up a short meeting, and you’re off to the races. 

Get more done. Meet less. Save hours.

American companies waste $250 billion a year on unnecessary meetings. Don’t contribute to that cash cow. Defend your calendar. Even make videos generic – just leave out candidates’ names, as Cori did – in order to send to multiple prospects at once. This is a time-saving solution that scales.

More time-saving bells and whistles

  • Candidates might be at their day job, so they can click the ‘Transcript’ function on the right side of the screen to ‘read’ the video without audio. Differently-abled candidates may also appreciate this feature.
  • Dropbox can be your one-stop shop for sending, signing and stashing NDAs, W-9s and contracts. Dropbox team plans include 5 TB (or more) of storage, and Dropbox Sign and Dropbox Forms make signing forms easy – up to three times faster.
  • You can send a candidate an easy link to sign a document, shoot it to the hiring manager for countersignature then have it live securely in your Dropbox account. Ahhh.

Human resource pros have tough jobs. Let’s save you from meetings and help you shine at work.

Let’s Capture your time again

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