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Dropbox Capture vs. Loom: A simple explanation

Replace meetings and emails with easy-to-capture videos and an easier-than-ever interface, and you’ll save everyone’s time.

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A man screen records while taking a video of himself using Dropbox Capture

Let’s make this easy

The easiest way to explain a process to your team or share a complex idea with a colleague is to talk through it. And the easiest way to talk through it is with Dropbox Capture.

No boring meetings, no convoluted emails, no phone tag. Just a quick video of you making your point—recorded right on your device. You can even draw people a picture if that helps.

And the best part: Capture lets you do it all without overwhelming you with things you don’t need. Unlike Loom, Capture is simple and easy to use for anybody.

“There’s always a risk when you introduce new tools that you're going to derail existing processes or make things harder for your team, but Capture is so intuitive that you don’t need a deep dive on instructions. You can start using it immediately.”

—Christopher Scordo, Founder & Managing Director, PMTraining
A man stands in front of a wall with framed school degrees and a bookcase

Do you want more limits or more freedom?

When there’s work to be done, you don’t have time to worry about what’s allowed with your plan. That’s why the free Capture plan has no per-video or total-video limits. And you can record up to 120 minutes in any way you like—on one long video or several short clips—all with 1080p clarity.

The Loom free plan puts too many limits on what you can do: You’re constrained to 25 videos, a mere five-minute maximum (that’s 24X less than Capture), and only 720p resolution.

A woman records her screen and herself with Dropbox Capture for 15 minutes and 7 seconds

All the tools to tell your story

Dropbox Capture is an easy desktop app that does way more than record 4K videos. It also lets you capture screenshots, GIFs, and audio recordings. Plus, you can mark up those videos and images with notes and directions, so you can quickly clarify your message.

You can also crop screenshots, blur or redact sensitive information, trim unnecessary video, and edit your recordings. And all you have to do after that is hit the share link, and you’re done.

Loom, on the other hand, is focused on recordings, and you’d need to supplement you solution with other tools to match Capture’s all-in-one capabilities.

Make your point without making a fuss

If you’re onboarding new employees, revamping old processes, working through problems, or sharing work in progress, Capture is an easy-to-use tool that lets you explain concepts or offer your thoughts in an easy-to-understand way.

And you don’t have to get everyone in the same room at the same time.

Your colleagues can take your training, learn about the new process, or hear your ideas—on their schedule—whether they’re working down the hall or working from home. And you can’t do all that within Loom’s five-minute limits.

“I can immediately deliver easy training to my team on a regular basis using Dropbox Capture. It’s a simple way to share ideas quickly and even cyclically.”

—Aaron Weinstein, Digital Advertising Director, Chumney & Associates
A man smiles while standing in an office with desks, computers, windows, and a whiteboard in the background

Capture more than video

Dropbox Capture is a comprehensive tool, and it’s only one part of what Dropbox helps you do. Unlike Loom, Capture allows you to easily save your videos to Dropbox, then organize, share and even edit them with other applications.

Designed to simplify all your work processes on one easy platform, Dropbox also offers:

  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Effortless content management and protection
  • Simple collaboration with coworkers and clients
  • Easy e-signatures
  • Rich media reviews and approvals
  • Document analytics and controls
  • PDF editing

No matter what you need to do or how scattered your teams may be, Dropbox brings it all together, so you can get it all done.

Dropbox vs. Loom: A Closer Look

Capture Loom

Free plan:

  • Screenshots and markups; screen, audio, and video recordings; and GIF creation

Free plan:

  • Recordings and screenshots only

Free plan:

  • No per-video or total-video limit, record up to 120 minutes total
  • Record up to 1080p in free plan

Free plan:

  • 5-min max per video
  • 25 videos max
  • Record only to 720p in free plan
  • Bundled with Dropbox plans at no extra cost—so you also get file storage and other functionality
  • Plans do not include file storage. Need to pay extra for longer recordings, more than 25 videos, and higher resolution videos.

See how Dropbox makes video sharing easier for everybody.

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