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How workflow automation bridges gaps between apps and content

A user browsing various workflow apps that are integrated with Dropbox

We’re expanding our partner ecosystem with best-in-class workflow integrations to address the gaps between apps and content. By connecting Dropbox to leading workflow tools including Zapier, Nintex, Workato,, K2 and Cloudpipes, individuals and teams alike can keep their work flowing.

Despite our connected workplaces, there’s still a surprising amount of effort needed to get your apps and content working together. The average worker spends over half their week – 61% in fact, according to a McKinsey Global Institute study – finding content, toggling between apps, deciphering version history and slogging through emails. And, once they find it, they’ll spend even more time transforming and sending it through for reviews, approvals or publication.

The bottom line: Without connections between apps and content, there’s wasted time and lost productivity. So how do you bridge the gaps that are slowing down your work?  

Getting into the (work)flow

Our new integrations mean you can streamline and automate workflows with your Dropbox content, freeing your work from the manual actions typically needed to work across apps. 

Millions of users each quarter leverage at least one workflow app with Dropbox, continuously improving how they work. Workflow apps hook directly into Dropbox APIs, so users can update, add share and move data quickly on command. 

We support integrations with a wide range of best-in-breed tools, so users can use the tools that fit their needs to streamline work and boost productivity, including: 

  • Zapier is a user-friendly app connector that lets you integrate Dropbox with hundreds of other apps to automate your work. For instance, custom-built workflows allow sales teams to manage opportunities across multiple apps – like Copper, Salesforce and HubSpot – triggering contract workflows using Dropbox shared folders. ‘Teams are using Zapier to rapidly build out workflows that integrate with the tools they use every day’, said Cody Jones, Head of Partnerships at Zapier. ‘We’re looking forward to working with Dropbox to power these processes and help our customers get work done faster.’
  • Nintex automates business processes within and around Dropbox using an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow design. An enterprise focus means it plays well with many legacy apps, such as Salesforce. ‘Sales and legal professionals benefit immediately from the combined power of Dropbox and Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation to quickly and easily collaborate and execute on their most critical documents to accelerate results, including shorter sales cycles, improved compliance and simplified redlining’, said Ryan Duguid, Chief Evangelist for Nintex.
  • Workato has a wide range of enterprise automation capabilities that are deeply customisable without code for end-to-end automation. For example, business-critical processes like employee hiring and onboarding can be automated – from creating Dropbox folders after a candidate is hired in Greenhouse, adding the contract to the folder once it’s signed and creating a new Workday record that links back to the candidate’s Dropbox folder. ‘Workato is a platform that empowers business users and systems or IT to work together for fast implementation without compromising security and governance’, said Markus Zin, VP of Business Development at Workato. ‘Together with Dropbox, we can automate processes like employee onboarding, DevOps and ECM for incredible employee and customer experiences.’ 
  • is a flexible, enterprise-ready general automation platform that lets any business user integrate their entire technology stack using clicks or code. Marketing and sales teams can easily collaborate in Dropbox to automate RFP processes, collect and distribute survey data and communicate updates to their entire company with apps such as Salesforce, Slack and Qualtrics. ‘We're thrilled to partner with Dropbox, the leading global collaboration platform. Together, we empower citizen automators to get more done, faster, with automation’, said’s Chief Business Officer and co-founder Dominic Lewis. ‘The Tray Platform lets any business user integrate their tech stack and automate complex processes with powerful workflows. We look forward to helping Dropbox users worldwide unlock maximum productivity and drive even stronger business results.’
  • K2 simplifies the way you build complex workflows that integrate Dropbox with other line-of-business systems for end-to-end automation. For example, a multi-step process like content approval can be fully automated by routing content to contributors for collaboration and approval before publication. ‘K2 and Dropbox share a common goal, which is to simplify the way in which users discover, connect and manage information whether it resides on-premises or in the cloud’, said Eyal Inbar, Vice President of Global Technology Alliances at K2. ‘By integrating with Dropbox, we can help empower customers to reimagine their workflows and build powerful process applications.’
  • Cloudpipes is an enterprise workflow automation service that connects hundreds of cloud and on-premises applications to automate queries and process and sync business data. Cloudpipes extends the capabilities of Dropbox for structuring and managing information by parsing, processing and synchronising files between Dropbox and any project-tracking system like Jira, or CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. ‘At Cloudpipes, we make it easier for users to extract, analyse and sync data’, said Marco Starace, COO. ‘With our Dropbox integration, relevant project or customer information can be automatically exported to a specific shared folder for collaboration and reporting.’

Automation brings real collaboration

Last year alone, users made billions of API calls from workflow apps connected to Dropbox. As a result of this growing use of workflow apps, we’re expanding our workflow ecosystem with best-of-breed tools – making a truly connected workplace a closer reality. Get more out of Dropbox by connecting best-in-class tools.

Our colleagues at HelloSign built a workflow tool designed to streamline onboarding paperwork called HelloWorks. Using our API, customers can directly integrate HelloWorks into their website or application, and completed onboarding forms sync to Dropbox without any manual intervention. Learn more about how HelloWorks can help automate onboarding paperwork. 

Find out how Dropbox can plug in to your workflows.

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