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Secure, organised, automated – Dropbox is one less thing to worry about

Hear that? Neither do we! The sound of silence is the sound of technology doing its job well. Dropbox works hard in the background to keep your work, team and processes running smoothly.

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Work with flexibility

How a creative director at Dropbox manages her virtual-first life

From storing her son’s vaccination records to collaborating on documents while on the go, Liz Gilmore, Creative Director of Brand Studio at Dropbox, relies on Dropbox to navigate the new reality of virtual-first work.

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The future of work

Virtual First toolkit

Practical, virtual-friendly exercises – from making Zoom meetings more inclusive to keeping your team connected – to help you thrive in distributed work.

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Work with flexibility

The race against a two-tier workforce

The past two years of working from home has had a levelling effect on teams. But as more companies begin their return-to-office transitions, hybrid work arrangements could end up alienating remote workers. Here’s how to avoid creating a two-tiered workforce.

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Customer success story

Two businesses, one family, all together

This entrepreneurial pair needed a way to manage their professional and personal lives, to always stay ahead of the game as business owners and parents. They found their perfect solution with Dropbox and Dropbox Sign.

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Customer success story

Sleepless Media optimises proposals and creative assets

This full-service web design and branding agency needed a way to track and organise their client proposals, master service agreements and design sketches. They found an intuitive solution with DocSend and Dropbox.

Lindsay and Dave with their daughters

Discover a better way to work together.

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