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Organise your sales team for smooth selling

Avoid scrambling for documents and focus on closing deals. Check out these tips to help your sales team stay organised and ready to hit their goals.

Five team members work together at a table in an office.

As a sales manager, you want to do everything to help your team succeed. While it’s easy to focus on the big targets and KPIs, the little day-to-day details are often what bog your team down and prevent them from performing their best.


Issues with version control, tracking down the latest price sheets and poor communication between team members can be solved by creating one simple, cohesive file system. Here’s how Dropbox features and tools can help your team save and share documents and stay in sync. 


Make customer documents easy to find

Are your reps always searching through email for updated spec sheets? Simplify the process by setting up a folder for each customer with documents relevant to that relationship, including spec sheets, proposals or contracts. You can even tag files with keywords (like ‘templates’), so it’ll only take seconds to pull up the right file. When someone makes an update to the file, it gets auto-synced everywhere, so your team never has to worry about working with the latest numbers or details. And if a file is accidentally deleted, you can quickly recover it, so everyone can spend more time pitching and less time panicking.


Access everything, from anywhere, securely 

Once you’ve got an organised file system in place, your team can open or edit files in Dropbox wherever the job takes them: on the road, in the office or from the sofa. (And not to worry if they can’t find Wi-Fi – documents can be made available offline, and changes will be made when you’re back online.) Another perk: files always stay secure, and you can add an extra layer of confidentiality with password protection or set expiry dates for files. 


Track document analytics to stay one step ahead

With DocSend, your reps can check out page-by-page analytics to see if something caught a prospect’s eye, or test different versions of a deck to measure performance. Equipped with these insights, your teams can finesse their strategy and approach to keep sales humming.


Speed up deals – and hiring – with eSignatures

Your team is constantly drafting contracts and hunting down signatures that’ll seal the deal. If they’re still relying on physical paper in the sales workflow, that can eat up a lot of time. Improve productivity by using templates with HelloSign for common agreements like SOWs and NDAs. Instead of redrafting forms for every new customer, in a few clicks, you can adjust form fields and send the documents out for signature. Reps can then track signing status (and avoid unnecessary calls) and automate follow-up reminders.


Bringing a new team member on board? Make hiring quick and painless by sending contracts out for eSignature with HelloSign, so your favourite candidates can say ‘yes’ faster. Then store and organise all your onboarding documents in Dropbox folders, so they can get up to speed and jump into the sales flow in less time.