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Psychologist, professor and best-selling author Andrea Bonior, PhD, talks about how values-based boundaries can benefit teams and prevent misunderstandings and burnout in remote work.

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Listen to Episode 7: Boundaries

Remote work presents some unique challenges to maintaining healthy boundaries. Work and life are integrated like never before, teams are working at all hours across time zones and we’ve lost the ‘off switch’ of leaving an office every day. 

In this episode of Remotely Curious, we talk to psychologist, professor and best-selling author Andrea Bonior, PhD, about all things boundaries: how to set them based on our values, why it’s so important to communicate them clearly and how to reset expectations when a teammate or leader crosses the line.

When you get good at setting boundaries, it becomes less awkward and more automatic. You’re also more respectful of other people’s boundaries because you recognise: This is how we coexist. And it’s always so much easier to keep an appropriate boundary than to set it in the first place.

– Psychologist, professor and best-selling author Andrea Bonior, PhD

We’ll talk about:

  • The three categories of boundaries: logistical, physical and emotional
  • How specific language helps convey empowerment and control
  • Why healthy boundaries are key to preventing burnout 
  • The misconception that saying no is mean or selfish

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  • Think of boundaries as a gift. Letting other people know what they can expect from you (and vice versa) helps us get along better.
  • Not sure what your boundaries are? Start by considering what’s important to you, and notice what upsets you. If one of your values is being crossed, you might need to set a better boundary.
  • Respond, don’t react. Approach tough conversations with empathy. Be clear about your needs to help the other person succeed at meeting your boundary.
  • Model healthy boundaries. If you never take breaks and send emails at all hours of the night, your employees might feel compelled to do the same.

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Special guests

Andrea Bonior, PhD

Psychologist, professor and author

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Andrea Bonior, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, Georgetown University professor and the best-selling author of ‘Detox Your Thoughts’. She appears regularly on CNN, NPR and in The Washington Post. Her podcast ‘Baggage Check’ launches in November 2022.

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