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Remotely Curious podcast


Rituals scholar Casper Ter Kuile and design leader Kursat Ozenc on why work rituals are essential, and finding meaning in everyday moments.

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When work went virtual in 2020, we suddenly lost the routines and rhythms that kept us regulated—two years in, we’re still trying to rebuild them. In today’s episode, we’ll talk to rituals scholar Casper Ter Kuile and and design innovator Kursat Ozenc about why rituals are so vital, and how we can recreate them in remote work.

How might I find deeper happiness? The science points to an answer. Be with others in meaningful ways. Find rituals to organize your life. It will boost your happiness, give you greater joy, and even add ten years to your life expectancy, science suggests.

― Casper ter Kuile, The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices

We’ll explore:

  • What purpose rituals serve, and how they differ from habits and routines 
  • The basic ingredients of a ritual (intention, attention, and repetition)
  • Ritual-spotting: Finding meaning in everyday moments
  • Getting creative with rituals in remote work 
  • Why the discipline of a daily ritual creates more freedom

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Special guests

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Casper ter Kuile

Author, co-founder, and podcaster

An illustrated headshot of Casper ter Kuile

Casper ter Kuile is the co-founder of the Nearness, a platform for deepening spiritual life, and the co-creator of Sacred Design Lab. He wrote the Power of Ritual, co-wrote How We Gather, and co-created Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast.

An illustrated headshot of Kursat Ozenc

Kursat Ozenc

Designer, Educator, Author

An illustrated headshot of Kursat Ozenc

Kursat Ozenc teaches organizational culture at Stanford He published Rituals For Virtual Meetings (2021) and Rituals For Work (2019) to help leaders build healthy cultures. Kursat holds a Ph.D. in Design from Carnegie Mellon University.