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4 dead giveaways that it’s time you adopted eSignatures

Make more business transactions. Cut operations costs. Impress customers. Keep vital data and documentation secure and legally-binding. eSignatures solve more problems than you might think.

An illustration of a person signing a paper document

Whether it’s the public wasting millions of hours filling out government paperwork or doctors spending more time updating records than actually seeing patients—poorly-built workflows are getting more and more obvious and detrimental to the way the world works today.

If your business transactions are starting to scale beyond your manual capabilities, your efficiency is dropping while operational costs are skyrocketing, you need help providing a great experience for customers, and you need to do it all while staying secure and compliant—we’ve got just the solution for you: eSignatures!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ll know it’s time for your organization to invest in smart, workflow-boosting eSignature software if...

1. Your online transaction volume is growing

Digital transaction management (DTM), or the business practice of taking document-based workflows completely online, is moving fast. In fact, Aragon Research analysts expect the market for DTM to grow to $30 billion by the end of 2020.

In order to compete, that means both your internal and customer-facing workflows better be online or getting there quickly. That also means pretty much every business should expect their online transaction volume to start scaling up.

Whether the volume of online transactions at your business is already high or is just starting to grow, it’s your job to make sure they continue to get done with the least amount of friction while maintaining the security, legality, and customer experience that sets you apart.

To stay awesome without losing your marbles, we recommend investing in a smart eSignature and digital documentation platform that’s not just easy to set up but easy to use no matter how fast transactions start flying.

Dropbox Sign API has an average integration time of 2.5 days and comes with everything your tech team needs to create delightful digital transactions. Don’t have a tech team or the need for a highly-customizable eSignature workflow? No problem. Our eSignature web app will have you signing and sending documents in no time! Learn all about your options with Dropbox Sign here.

2. You need to boost efficiency and cut operational costs

The “cost of doing business” isn’t always immediately obvious, but it obviously adds up. The act of getting physical paperwork created, sent, signed, and filed costs organizations when it comes to efficiency and operating expenses.

Improve efficiency

If time is money, how much of it are you wasting on the inefficiency that results from creating, printing, signing, filing, and mailing paperwork back and forth?

eSignatures increase the speed at which transactions can be started and completed. Instead of taking 5+ minutes printing out a document, signing it, and scanning or mailing it; you could be spending 5 seconds completing or collecting eSignatures to pay bills faster, get paid faster, fill orders faster, get new hires or customers onboarded faster, and more.

Improving efficiency saves you time and, therefore, money. Signing digital or paper documents with Dropbox Sign allows you move quickly, and get more done.

Want to sign a PDF without printing? It’s now easier than ever with eSignatures in Dropbox, powered by Dropbox Sign.

In addition, smart eSignature platforms that play nice with workflow automation tools (or have both like Dropbox Sign plus Dropbox Forms) can help catch errors before the paperwork is even submitted and eliminate redundant data entry for both the person filling it out and your own valuable workforce.

If you’re ready to increase productivity and efficiency in document handling while also decreasing the redundancies caused by administration errors, it’s time to invest in smart eSignature software to optimize business-critical workflows.

Save on operations

When was the last time you counted exactly how many documents it takes to keep your business running? There are sales contracts, partnership agreements, ongoing employee and contractor paperwork, and plenty more. Chances are, there’s a big opportunity to cut down on operational costs when you modernize your documentation signing and management workflow.

Just ask the U.S. Army, who saves $1.3 billion every year in administrative costs thanks to 1.6 million members of its staff adopting eSignatures.

Operational cost savings alone are a pretty good reason to invest in an affordable eSignature platform. And right now, you can even try out the most powerful platform for business agreements for free.

3. You’re ready to lead the pack in customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is how customers perceive their interactions with your organization. And in today’s business environment, customers want those interactions to be fast and convenient—which, in most cases, means digital.

However, it can be hard to strike a balance between a delightful, digital customer experience and keeping customer data secure and their eSignatures legally-binding.

Leveraging a secure, legal, and user-friendly eSignature platform that helps decrease the time it takes for you to provide service is a no-brainer for improving customer experience with your brand.

Take for example a bank that builds eSignatures and digital documents into their online workflow. Customers can open accounts and complete transactions just the way they like to—quickly, securely, and legally. For sales professionals, legally-binding digital signatures mean no more leads lost in the time between closing a sale and getting a John Hancock.

Sending, printing, faxing, following up, and whatever other tasks it takes to get papers signed takes up a lot of time for both you and your customers. If they can find a competitor who makes this process easier and faster, that’s where they’re going to go. Make it easy and they won’t only stay, they’ll come back again and recommend you to their peers.

With an easy-to-use eSignature software platform like Dropbox Sign, you can create efficient, digital experiences that garner first-rate customer experience ratings.

4. You need a more secure paper trail

Let’s face it, the only reason we’ve relied on the “security” of a paper trail made of honest-to-goodness paper for so long is that it’s been the only option—until now.

eSignature software comes with tons of security features that are much safer than paper documents which can be tampered with, misplaced, or destroyed all too easily.

With Dropbox Sign, all your communications are safeguarded by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Each document is stored behind a firewall and authenticated against the sender’s session. Documents are also encrypted with a unique key which is encrypted with a regularly rotated master key—making your data practically impossible to decrypt.

Physically, we store our data in a SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type I, and ISO 27001 certified data center. Access to the data center is strictly controlled by security staff equipped with video surveillance, multi-step authentication, and state-of-the-art intrusion detection.

‍In addition to our security features, Dropbox Sign, creates time-stamped non-editable audit trails, and with tamperproofing, documents can’t be modified or tampered without your knowledge.

And to make sure the person signing, or even just accessing a digital document, is who they say they are—we require a user to either have login information for Dropbox Sign, or have received a request for signature via email.

We strive to prevent others from accessing or using your account by timing-out sessions and emailing you every time a contract is sent to, received by, or signed by your account. Users can also set up two-factor authentication as well as enable a code that’s required to view or sign a document.

Is it time for you to invest in eSignatures?

If you’re ready to scale your business transactions, improve your efficiency while still cutting operations costs, keep customers happy, and make sure all your vital customer data and documentation is secure and legally-binding; then yes, it’s definitely time for you to invest in eSignatures.

But don't worry—it doesn’t have to be as scary (or pricey!) as it sounds. Whether you’re running a small business or are part of an enterprise organization, Dropbox Sign, has an easy-to-use eSignature solution that will impress stakeholders and customers alike. 

Check us out for free today or get in touch if you have any questions about what our smart eSignature software can do for you!

Take the first step towards your streamlined eSignature process.

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