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Storage Device FAQs

What are the differences between memory and storage?

The memory component of your computer stores short-term data, while storage retains information long-term.

Memory allows you to carry out tasks such as opening applications and editing documents. Your computer needs to be on and running in order to store this data, which is cleared when your computer is turned off. The speed of your device, and volume of information stored, will depend on how much memory your device holds. 

Storage usually comes in a form of hardware, such as a flash drive or a hard drive. Information in storage will remain even when your computer is shut down, and can often be transferred from one device to another.

What is computer storage?

Computer storage refers to the components of a computer that record and retain digital data within your device. This data could include documents, file downloads, images and more. An external source, such as a flash drive, is not needed to save data in computer storage. The data is immediately accessible within your device and stored on a temporary or permanent basis.

3 ways to reduce paper waste today

It’s easier than ever to go paperless for the planet! Follow these tricks to kick the printing habit and start working in the cloud.

Woman sitting at desk scanning document with phone with man standing next to her

In 2018, Americans disposed of 67.4 million tons of paper products, making up 23.1 per cent of municipal solid waste. The average office worker contributed almost two pounds of paper waste per day. You can cut down on paper waste by migrating your documents to a digital collaboration tool and cloud storage solution like Dropbox. You don’t have to wait for Earth Day to do your part. Just follow these three steps to get started today.

Organise important documents digitally

Are you tired of printing, sorting, and storing your financial, health, or other key documents jammed into files or drawers? Go paperless by requesting digital statements whenever possible and uploading them right into your Dropbox. Then with everything in one location, you can create an organized digital filing system that allows you to quickly find and share documents (think vaccine records, insurance claims, tax documents, etc.) when you need them, even from a mobile device. 

Have existing paperwork? The Dropbox app has a built-in document scanner that gives you the power to turn hard copies into PDFs. Then, instead of reprinting the same document 10 times because you keep losing it, back up everything to the cloud automatically.

Sign, seal, deliver online

Printing and sending documents or commuting to meet in person to sign contracts, lease agreements or financial documents is no longer necessary. Instead, stop wasting paper and time by using Dropbox Sign, a faster, more Earth-friendly way to sign documents. 

Because you already store your important documents in Dropbox, you can send them to eSign right from your Dropbox account, save signed copies and manage all your folders and files in one place. So forget the pen and paper and sign online without sacrificing legality.


Want to sign a PDF without printing? It’s now easier than ever with eSignatures in Dropbox, powered by Dropbox Sign.

A step-by-step demonstration on how to sign a document online

Swap hard copies for shared digital docs

Instead of printing multiple copies to share meeting notes, holiday plans or recipes, move your collaboration into digital documents, like Dropbox Paper. Unlike real paper, Paper allows you to gather feedback, assign tasks, make to-do lists, leave comments and more, in real time, without any paper waste. There’s no need to print when everyone you’re teaming up with can work simultaneously on the same document in the cloud.

Small actions have a way of adding up to something big. When you find a solution to an existing problem that helps reduce your environmental footprint and saves energy and time, we all win without sacrificing anything. Doing your part for the planet doesn’t have to feel like work if we all simply rethink how we work.

Secure all your important documents

Learn more about Dropbox Backup