Five initiatives that explore the flexible future of work

These five initiatives provide hints about our work futures, including new ways of collaborating in distributed teams and expanding services. While some signal a brighter future, others examine new dynamics that will continue to evolve.

I Miss the Office by Fred Wordie

I Miss the Office


A site that simulates the sounds of the office, for people working from elsewhere.

Why it’s a hint of the future:

People will want their favorite aspects of office life translated to new environments. How to do this gracefully is still up for interpretation.

What they say about it:

All these noises require input from people, people that are currently missing from many people's home offices, and that's why many people find the site comforting.

Fred Wordie, Project Lead, Kids

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A video preview for Free The Work



An online platform showcasing profiles of underrepresented creators around the world that TV, Film, and advertising companies can use to find more diverse talent.

Why it’s a hint of the future:

Online tools are equipped to reinvent recruiting, hiring, and networking, given their unparalleled access to people across the globe.

What they say about it:

We believe that tapping into talent that’s been historically underrepresented will lead to a renaissance of creativity, to the benefit of the world.


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An Interview with ALEX by Carrie Sijia Wang

An Interview with ALEX


An interactive experience that simulates a job interview with an Artificial Intelligence HR Manager in a dystopian, surveillance-based work environment.

Why it’s a hint of the future:

In the future, technology will inevitably take over some jobs. We will need to navigate when that is appropriate versus dangerous.

What they say about it:

Because of the scalability of AI and machine learning, the bias embedded in the products using these technologies can easily multiply beyond human control.

Carrie Sijia Wang, multimedia artist and creator of “An Interview with ALEX”

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A video preview for Alia, domestic workers benefits & insurance platform
The person who cleans your home deserves benefits too. 3 min.



A way for domestic workers’ employers and clients to contribute towards their benefits, like paid sick days, via a portable benefits platform that isn’t tied to any one employer.

Why it’s a hint of the future:

As people explore flexible working arrangements, not everyone will have access to adequate employer-provided benefits or social safety nets. They will need alternative models of support.

What they say about it:

Solutions need to be designed for workers, not employers, and NDWA Labs has shown that by combining tech with a social movement we can re-imagine what the social safety net could look like so that no workers are left to fall through the cracks.

Palak Shah, Founding Director, NDWA Labs

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A video preview for The Go Game
The Go Game 2 min.

The Go Game


A culture and team-building platform that offers a fully customizable solution for companies to engage employees and event attendees virtually.

Why it’s a hint of the future:

With distributed work on the rise, teams – and entire organizations – are looking for new ways to build and maintain strong connections among their workers.

What they say about it:

Gamifying the experience helps to bring people together in fun, dynamic ways.”

Ian Fraser, Co-Founder and CEO of The Go Game

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