The World @ Work

An important goal of the Design Research team is to bring the voice of the customer inside our walls so that Dropbox employees can learn what they are saying. This helps ensure that we’re designing products and features that appropriately support people’s needs. And we do this in several different ways like fieldwork, share-outs and design sprints, to name a few. Last year, we tried something new — hosting our first-ever design installation in Dropbox HQ featuring images, videos and tactile interactive pieces that represent how people from all over the world work and how they use our product.

The World @ Work casts a lens on culture and technology by bringing together three knowledge workers from India, Taiwan and Germany. The desks on display are a microcosm of their cultural values and demonstrate values around work, personal expression and the impact of culture on attitudes towards collaboration.
Man wearing cat shaped headphones looking at computer with orange lights
Studio space filled with different colored lights on stands
Design Research

The world at work

Last fall, what feels like a lifetime ago, I led a team of PMs, engineers, designers, and researchers to conduct fieldwork on how mobile users use their phones for both work and businesses.

Design Research

On building a global mindset

The girl sat across from me swiping down from her iPhone screen, her eyes scanning the content quickly, almost expectantly.

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