Share like a pro with two new features

A person using the Dropbox Branded Sharing feature

Update (17 December 2020): Branded sharing enhancements are now available on Dropbox Business Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Admins can set branding for the entire team; Advanced and Enterprise admins can also allow team members to set branding for their individual accounts. In addition, Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise teams can now access our traffic and insights feature.

For many people, sharing through Dropbox isn’t just about sending files – it’s an important part of their business. Freelancers want to represent their business and make sure that their clients are getting what they need. We want to help make those jobs easier.

So today – along with computer backup and Dropbox Passwords – we’re introducing two new Dropbox Professional features that give link sharing an upgrade.

Make shared links your own

Anyone who’s worked in a client-based business will tell you: you’re only as good as your last success. Part of that success is reminding clients who you are whenever they hear from you. Now you can do just that from Dropbox by customising your shared links with branded sharing.

Branded sharing gives you the ability to present files with your logo, company name and a background image. Recipients will see them when they view shared links and in email notifications for links. It’s a simple – and effective – way to stand out in your clients’ cluttered inboxes and give your work the professional sheen it deserves.

Someone clicking Settings in Dropbox, then adding brand name, brand logo and background image in Branded sharing settings

Stay on track

When you’re sending an overnight package or an email attachment to a client, delivery confirmation is the best way to keep your peace of mind. Now you’ll have that right inside Dropbox with our new traffic and insights feature for shared links.

Preview of shared link with Traffic and insights showing 23 views, 6 downloads, graph of sharing for 13 to 20 August and list of recent views and downloads

With traffic and insights, you can easily track interactions with your shared link, with info on who, what, when and how:

  • Who visited the link
  • What kind of device signed-in viewers used
  • When they accessed it
  • How they interacted – viewed or downloaded

You’ll be able to view all this information on by navigating to any file or folder that’s been shared using a link. It’s a great way to see what happens after you hit Send, so you can confirm delivery and get metrics that help you optimise your work.

Dropbox Professional subscribers can use branded sharing and traffic and insights starting today. We’ll be rolling these features out to Dropbox Business teams soon. To get started with branded sharing, visit your account settings. And to learn more about traffic and insights, visit our help centre.

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