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How to collaborate with teams around the world

Transmission is an award-winning creative agency with employees and clients around the world. Learn how Dropbox helps facilitate global collaboration without sacrificing security and compliance.

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Image designed by Transmission, text overlay reads: Seamless connections, more directions
Image designed by Transmission

By Alex Wares,  EMEA Managing Director, Transmission

Rapid growth into new territories. The growing pains of using disparate tools across different locations. A global pandemic. These are just some of the challenges we overcame in 2020 to win B2B Marketing's Agency of the Year.

At Transmission, we create a staggering 15TB of creative content each month. We collaborate on over 7,500 documents a day. And our growing workforce demands the ability to work together seamlessly from anywhere. Plus, our clients need us to deliver quality work at a fast pace. We use Dropbox to make it easier for our teams and clients to collaborate. It helps us securely manage creative briefs for hundreds of global brands, too.

HP Wolf Security campaign landing page by Transmission
HP Wolf Security campaign landing page by Transmission
Artwork for Aruba ISP social campaign by Transmission
Artwork for Aruba ISP social campaign by Transmission

A platform for success

As a media agency, we must stay ahead of the curve. Our clients always want something new and exciting. Our job is to keep our clients on the cutting edge by delivering breakthrough creative.

When the business expanded into new territories in 2020, our workflows became more complex. As a result, our processes were a little more fractured than we would like. Important documents got converted, condensed, and sent via email. Then we collected feedback from each collaborator individually. We had multiple file versions stored on different platforms across the globe. And we wasted a lot of valuable time searching for content instead of focusing on creative work. 

Working from a disconnected web of different tools made collaboration and compliance difficult. Centralizing in Dropbox solved this challenge and gave us a more unified way of working. Now, employees can work on any file from any location and our creative workflows have accelerated.

Empowered teams = award-winning output

Consolidating our content is critical to creating more seamless workflows. But we don’t want to stifle our creative teams by dictating what tools they can or can’t use.

Balancing freedom and security is not an easy line to walk.

Our organizational ethos is to be curious and break convention. We look for new ways to solve problems. But balancing freedom and security is not an easy line to walk. With Dropbox, we get total document control, and our teams can keep using all the tools they know and love. Now our creatives always know where to find the file they need—and they can be confident it's the latest version. Plus, integrations with top tools like the Adobe suite allow us to be as innovative as possible.

Also, our teams use Dropbox Paper to brainstorm, share to-do lists, and track projects. That means less time spent on admin tasks and more time creating first-class work for our clients.

Compliant and secure growth

Expanding into new territories is fraught with risk. There are new customs, new cultures, and new regulations to consider. For example, there are strict data protection and privacy laws in Europe, like the GDPR, that don’t apply elsewhere. 

Compliance and security are critical for every solution we deploy.

We work with a lot of sensitive data under strict regulations. That means compliance and security are critical for every solution we deploy. Dropbox gives us and our clients assurance that all their data is safe. In fact, citing Dropbox’s encryption standards is often all it takes to show compliance.
Image designed by Transmission, text overlay reads: Seamless connections, more inspirations
Image designed by Transmission, text overlay reads
At Transmission, our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations every time. And tools like Dropbox let us focus on innovating. Now we have more time to produce great creative that keeps us and our clients ahead of the curve.

Scale collaboration without sacrificing security

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