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The (Un)Webinar: 3 ways to streamline your sales process

Is your sales cycle un-inspiring? Check out our first-ever (Un)Webinar video. In it, David Stafford, our global head of customer solutions and success, will show you how Dropbox can streamline your sales team’s workflows.

David Stafford, global head of customer solutions and success at Dropbox, shares tips on how sales pros can use Dropbox to close deals faster

Most people know us for our cloud storage and file syncing capabilities, but we have some remarkable tools to simplify complex sales processes. From sending NDAs for signature to analytics to requesting files, Dropbox has the tools you need to close deals faster. Let David Stafford, global head of customer solutions and success, lead you through the finer points of Dropbox solutions for sales teams.

Gain key insights on sales docs with DocSend

With Dropbox DocSend, sales teams can use our secure sharing platform to send, track, and manage business-critical documents with a single link. No more sending email attachments and hoping they made it to your prospect’s inbox. With DocSend, you can get key insights in minutes. Share pitches, proposals, pricing docs, and more and see what’s catching a prospect’s attention. You’ll get notified when they’ve opened it, then see in real time how they’re engaging with it and who they’re sharing it with. And you can even optimize your content with page-by-page analytics so you can better engage with prospects and be that much closer to closing the deal.

Safely send and request files with just a few clicks

Tired of sending emails and following up to collect the files you need? There’s a better and faster way to request files. Dropbox file request lets you add a link to your signature that allows anybody—even if they don't have a Dropbox account—to share a file with you. File requests make it easy for your prospects to upload RFPs, background info, contracts, and more into a secure folder. All the files you collect are automatically organized in your Dropbox account so you don’t have to spend time sorting through emails and saving attachments. And don’t worry—people who upload files to your file request won’t have access to your Dropbox account.

Dropbox shares how you can collect files from a large group with Dropbox file request.

And if you need to deliver large, final files to prospects, you can use Dropbox Transfer. Transfer delivers a copy of your file or files, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted edits. And you can even confirm that your transfer made it to its destination with download notifications.

Get documents signed fast with our eSignature solution

You’re right at the finish line and your prospect is ready to sign on the dotted line. Instead of looping them into a cycle of printing, signing, and scanning documents, use Dropbox Sign. We make it easy for you, your team, and your prospects to provide legally binding signatures online from anywhere on any device. From NDAs, to contracts, to invoices, and more, signed docs stay safe in Dropbox. You can easily add signers, resend agreements with changes, and reroute the signature request if things change. You and your prospects will even get reminders and notifications to improve completion rates. You can even browse our templates or turn your frequently used contracts into templates to speed up the process even more.

In addition to keeping your files safely stored, you can have everything you need to close deals all in one place—Dropbox. Our document workflow solutions can make your existing workflows more efficient so you have more time to focus on the next prospect. Now that you have the lowdown on all the tools, could Dropbox help you close your next deal faster?