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Secure, organized, automated—Dropbox is one less thing to worry about

Surprises are great for parties, not when critical company content is involved. With Dropbox, all your files and data are always where you expect them to be: Safe and sound in the cloud. In fact, the only surprise is how simple it is to secure and access your team’s files. Learn more about the new, easy-to-use security tools we've added to Dropbox team plans. 
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The best tech tools are the ones you don’t have to think about. You already have plenty on your mind at work—digital security should be as simple as saving a file. Safeguarding confidential info or intellectual property doesn’t take extra steps with Dropbox. It’s digital security that just works so you can focus on the projects that matter to you.

At Dropbox, our mission is to make the workday less stressful and more productive. So we’re always listening to our customers—your feedback helps guide product and feature development. And content protection is top of mind for businesses of all sizes right now.

Protect your peace of mind with powerful new tools

A digital security breach is incredibly costly to a company’s bottom line—and its reputation. That’s why we added top-requested security features to our Standard and Advanced team plans.

Dropbox Standard

Now includes:

  • External shared link reporting and access control
  • Dropbox Passwords with new admin console
  • Dropbox Backup with external drive support
  • Web session management and custom device limit settings

Dropbox Advanced

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Extended version history—restore or recover files up to 1 year
  • Proactive ransomware alerts with fast content recovery
  • Easy compliance with Data Classification (coming soon*)

Keeping important work safe is the heart of what we do

If you’re an existing Standard or Advanced user, these features have already been added to your account. With Dropbox, teams can share and collaborate more effectively without sacrificing security—here’s how:

Empower your teams with a tool they’ll actually use

Dropbox has over 700 million users worldwide. More than 600,000 teams use it for work. Your coworkers, collaborators, and clients know and trust Dropbox. So instead of spending time learning another new tool, they can focus on the work that really matters.

Whether I’m talking to a client, a vendor, or a potential new hire, no one has ever asked me, ‘What’s Dropbox?’ That’s the kind of magical simplicity I dream of in a product.

Theodore Ullrich, interaction design and electrical engineering partner at Tomorrow Lab

Dropbox deploys flawlessly across all your team’s devices. And it connects with the apps you already use. Best of all? You don’t need an IT degree to set up or manage a Dropbox team plan—it just works.

Share files and ideas freely—and securely

Dropbox makes it easy to work with colleagues, clients, or anyone else. All your team content is centralized, organized, and easily accessible. Sharing a file takes only a few clicks. Plus, your collaborators can review and comment on any file type directly in Dropbox. 

Of course, a file sharing solution is only as effective as it is secure. And your Dropbox plan equips you with powerful tools to keep your IP out of the wrong hands. You can:

  • Quickly see who has viewed a shared file and when they viewed it
  • Set download permissions, custom passwords, and expiration dates for all shared links
  • Easily deliver large files to any recipient—even if they don’t have an account—with Dropbox Transfer

Save time and frustration—get organized automatically

Navigating between apps costs 68% of workers to lose at least 30 minutes a day. And that doesn’t include all the time spent searching for the right info within those apps. The more tools we work with, the more time we waste trying to find what we need.

Dropbox automated folders can name, sort, tag, and convert newly added files for you. And it’s easy to manage all your automated folder settings from a central dashboard.

Large group of files sorted by automated folder

Don’t worry—Dropbox has your back

When you save a file, we get to work. Your content is encrypted and automatically uploaded to the cloud. And it stays there until you move or delete it, even if your phone is lost or your laptop gets stolen. 

Life happens: Computers crash, hard drives fail, and files get deleted by accident. But you don’t have to stress about that—we’ve got you covered. Recover lost and deleted files or restore an earlier version with just a few clicks. Plus, you can rewind any file, folder, or your entire account back in time—up to 180 days. 

If something goes wrong, Dropbox Backup helps you quickly recover all your content on any computer or external drive that you’ve backed up. And it’s simple to set up a new device—with all your files and folders in their original place—if you need a replacement. 

The magic of Dropbox perhaps is the removal of the paranoia we had before when, if you lost your laptop, you would be deeply disadvantaged. And now if I drop that computer, if it smashes, if I lose it, then I can go buy a new one and be up and running in 30 minutes.

Rick Baker and Niki Scevak, co-founders at Blackbird Ventures

At Dropbox, we build tools that help you feel more secure. Tools that save time and give you peace of mind. And, above all else, tools that give teams the flexibility to work the way they want. 


*Please note: The products or features described above may not be released yet. The decision to purchase our services should be made based on features that are currently available.

Safe, secure, and surprisingly simple

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