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Recover files with ease using the Dropbox Rewind feature

Restoring deleted files with Dropbox Rewind

Update (March 17, 2020): Dropbox Rewind is now available for all Dropbox Business teams. Admins can adjust settings for their teams by visiting the admin console.

Update (September 30, 2019): Dropbox Business teams can now turn on this feature through our early access program by visiting the admin console.


Chances are, you’ve accidentally deleted or saved over an important file at some point in your work life. Don’t worry, we’re right there with you—and precisely why we built file recovery and version history into Dropbox. 

But, what can you do when a catastrophic event happens? Let’s say an application crashes in the middle of a project and erases all of your latest work. Or even worse, you’re targeted by ransomware and locked out of your files. Fixing devastating mishaps isn’t always as simple as reversing an edit or recovering a lost file.

Now there’s no need to fret about big accidents because Dropbox has your back. We’ve built Dropbox Rewind—a new feature that can take your account back in time before disaster struck and makes Dropbox a safer place to keep everything that’s important to you.

Animated screenshot of Dropbox Rewind

With Rewind, fixing big accidents with the content in your account is easy. Just sign in to and restore your entire account to what it looked like before the mishap. You’ll be able to pick the exact point in time you need to revert your account to and undo everything that went wrong all at once. 

After rewinding your files or account, it will be as if the accident never occurred. Your recovered files will sync to all your linked devices, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Make use of additional file backup options like delta sync and incremental backup.

Need to use Rewind or just want to know it’s there if you need it? Dropbox Plus users can rewind their account to any point in the past 30 days, and Dropbox Professional users get up to 180 days of protection. For our Dropbox Business customers, stay tuned for feature availability updates.

Rewind is just one way Dropbox can keep your files safe

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