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Case study


Moleskine is a global manufacturer and retailer of luxury notebooks and paper-based products. Around seven years ago, the company recognised a need to move into digital products and began developing apps, digital device accessories, and writing tools. With a globally dispersed team working on creating the digital product portfolio, Moleskine needed a way to simplify collaboration and speed up product development and innovation.

To improve innovation and speed up product design with Dropbox

Global retail brand unites geographically dispersed teams

The challenge
Accelerating product innovation and development with a globally dispersed team
The solution
A digital toolkit that encourages innovation and collaboration: Dropbox, Zoom, and Slack
The impact
New products and developments delivered to market faster

Journey to Dropbox

With products sold in 29,000 stores across 95 countries, and a host of digital products available for download, Moleskine's design, manufacturing, and development team are dotted around the world. With the design team working from four different continents, ideas and proposals were sent between the team via email, which meant collaboration was difficult.

See how Moleskine gets products to market faster with Dropbox

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Adopting Dropbox Business and Dropbox Paper has helped Moleskine streamline the product development process.

Collaborative documents ensure the globally dispersed team can stay aligned from wherever they are, virtually eliminating the need for email communication, improving the innovation process, and accelerating the time it takes to get new products to market.

In fact, the first digital product from Moleskine was developed and released without the team ever meeting in person—a considerable feat given it involved people in Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the US to take the product from concept through to manufacture.

Moleskine on working with Dropbox
When it comes to new designs and innovation, Dropbox Paper allows us to throw in our ideas quickly, whether video, photographs or text. We then discuss the merits of our ideas directly inside the document, gather valuable feedback, and quickly come to resolutions, solutions and new ideas to elevate and rapidly progress the development of new products. This functionality means we can shave weeks off development time.
Peter Jensen, Head of Digital Innovation, Moleskine

Accelerating time to market
with Dropbox Paper

With Dropbox Paper at the heart of the team’s digital toolkit, Moleskine is now able to get products to market faster

Before Dropbox Paper

A globally dispersed team with complex workflows

There was nowhere for the geographically spread team to centralise their projects, share content, and iterate ideas

A slower product development process

Design files were being shared and reviewed via email, slowing down the feedback process and often causing problems with version control

Innovation and creativity were stifled

The siloed workflows prevented ideas from being shared and didn’t enable everyone’s voice to be heard

Limited employee engagement

The stifling innovation process meant employees’ ideas were often left untapped, putting employee engagement at risk

With Dropbox Paper

Seamless collaboration across borders and timezones

Global collaboration is seamless, with the team’s content and ideas all brought together in one place

An accelerated development cycle and a faster time to market

Revisions and feedback are centralised in one place and can be delivered in real time, eliminating the need for email and accelerating time to market for new products

A more inclusive ideation process that results in better products

A new workflow democratises the innovation process and encourages everyone to share ideas and feedback

An engaged team empowered to do their best work

With all team members now able to contribute equally, employees are engaged and empowered to do their best work

Moleskine can get products to market faster because of Dropbox.

Peter Jensen, Head of Digital Innovation, Moleskine

Use Case Deep Dive

Global Product Development

With the team constantly developing new design concepts, Dropbox Paper now acts as a notepad for designers to throw ideas into for immediate feedback. This instant feedback process helps Moleskine take ideas from concept to design much faster. This is shaving weeks off the design cycle, meaning Moleskine is able to produce and get new products to its customers much faster.

Best-of-Breed Collaboration Platform

A combination of Dropbox, Zoom, and Slack is helping Moleskine build a future-ready workplace. From anywhere in the world, teams can now come together to produce new products, without ever being in the same room. This is building powerful working relationships across the design and development team, and enabling global talent to be part of the innovation process.

Employee Engagement

A real time feedback process has made it easier for employees to contribute to projects, and feel more invested and engaged in product development. This more inclusive innovation process makes employees feel connected to their global teammates and empowered to create the best products.

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