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The Drop In: Conversations about leading with flexibility

In our four-part video series, award-winning podcast host and best-selling author Guy Raz connects with innovative entrepreneurs and explores how even in this new era of distributed work, they’re managing to increase productivity, collaborate with their team, and evolve their business for the better.
Guy Raz
Episode 1

How film producer Tilane Jones flips the script

When COVID-19 restrictions effectively shut down the entertainment industry last spring, president of Array and Array Releasing, Tilane Jones, worried the progress her film distribution company had been making would halt, too. For the past decade, she has worked alongside award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma, A Wrinkle in Time) to make film—and filmmaking—more accessible by amplifying movies made by women and people of color.

But now with no red carpets or packed theaters to connect with audiences, what at first seemed like a setback quickly became an opportunity. Learn how Jones and her team pivoted.

Tilane Jones
Episode 2

How Khan Academy founder Sal Khan steps in to fill the gaps

What began as distance tutoring Sal Khan did to help a young cousin struggling with algebra has grown into a powerful non-profit educational platform. Today Khan Academy serves millions of students from preschool through the early college years with free recorded lessons in math, science, humanities, and more, in 46 languages.

When schools around the world closed due to the pandemic, Khan hustled to create resources to help parents, teachers, and students pivot to virtual learning. Hear how Khan Academy rose to the challenges of growing a business to meet real-time need and why Khan chooses to resist doing it all in favor of doing things right.

Sal Khan
Episode 3

How marketers Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu keep team culture and creativity going strong

The husband-and-wife cofounders and managing partners of New York City creative agency Team Epiphany have always viewed their nearly 80 employees as family. And it’s precisely this tight-knit culture that got everyone through months of pandemic-induced business slowdown and kept creativity flowing despite being apart.

Learn how Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu lead their distributed team helping brands like HBO, Coca-Cola, and Audi reinvent real-life events as digital and social experiences that are just as impactful.

Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu
Episode 4

How Cameo CEO Steven Galanis handles unexpected, explosive growth

When Steven Galanis launched Cameo in 2017, he set out to create the digital version of a celebrity autograph with his service that features personalized video shout-outs from famous people. The app saw steady growth until last spring when usage skyrocketed. In a time of shelter-in-place orders and no live events, sending Cameos to loved ones has become a form of spreading joy, as well as a way for celebs to connect with fans. Hear how Galanis is leaning into a work-from-anywhere team culture and keeping ahead of unprecedented growth.

Steven Galanis

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