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How to use Dropbox for your next marketing campaign

Working on a paid media, social, or email campaign? Discover how to take action on creative faster and tighten up feedback loops.

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If one of your “to-dos” at work is to raise awareness around a product or brand, there’s a good chance you’re also familiar with marketing campaigns—that coordinated effort to reach a company goal using email, social media, ads, and other forms of media. But did you know Dropbox has tools to help you plan and deliver great campaigns? Here’s how you can take action on creative and tighten up feedback loops across three different types of marketing campaigns.

Dropbox for: paid media ads

Need help organizing all the assets involved in a multimedia, multi-channel paid campaign? Create a dedicated space for your campaign to live on Dropbox with shared, organized folders for briefs, presentations, and yes—all 15 different sizes of those paid ads. Instead of hunting through emails to find the latest work, your coworkers, creative teams and contractors can upload and edit everything in one place, so you can rest easy knowing you’re always working on the latest file. (Plus, you’ll free your hard drive from high-resolution downloads.)

Once you’re ready to deliver files to their final destination, you can use Dropbox Transfer to quickly and easily hand off the creative. You can deliver up to 100GB of files in each transfer and confirm delivery with notifications once the file has been downloaded. So you can be sure that your .png files, videos, carousels, and more are out the door on schedule.

Dropbox for: social media creative

Social media campaigns require major flexibility—your team needs to be able to respond quickly to cultural moments or events, work with other departments on a range of assets, and sometimes get same-day approvals on stories or posts. When you’re moving that fast, you want to avoid any possible hiccups in the process.

You can use File Requests in Dropbox to collect photos or files from a group and have them land in one dedicated folder. (Collaborators will get an email with a link that they use to upload the right files to the right place, even if they don’t use Dropbox.)

Another pro tip: you can set up automations so that the folder you’re using to collect assets for that social media campaign sorts everything by file type, or adds tags as things come in. (Trust us: tags will save your team lots of time when it comes to searching for that one photo that’s only slightly different than the rest.)

You can label tags however you want, from the theme of the project or details of the picture to the client’s name or date on the content calendar. By creating an organizational structure that everyone can follow, your team can keep the work moving and stay on top of the latest trends.

Dropbox for: email campaigns

Connecting with customers through email has become a marketing standard, especially with marketing tech that allows you to customize their journey. When you start creating customized emails based on the audience or their behaviors though, your campaign can start to look more like a spider web than a singular line.

For both seasonal email campaigns and year-round subscriber-focused content, you need a watertight process for reviewing assets and launching them—repeatedly. As creatives, product marketing managers, and various cross-functional team members collaborate, make sure comments and markups land exactly where they need to.

Sharing feedback in Dropbox can help you keep your customer emails straight and avoid version control issues. You’ll not only be able to comment directly on the files, but also tag the right person to address it. (You can easily track each piece’s version history to see what was updated when and ensure that your edits were incorporated into the right version.) If you don’t feel like distilling all your thoughts in comments, make a quick GIF or whip up a screen recording using Dropbox Capture.

When it’s time to deploy the campaign, your emails will be correctly targeted to the audience you want, resulting in more clicks for your campaign.

No matter what type of marketing project you’re working on, Dropbox has the tools to help your marketing team stay organized and streamline the creative process so that the work shines.