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The flexible future of work

Working from home was just the start. Design Research at Dropbox explores how our workplaces, work schedules and work cultures around the globe are responding to new ways of working.

Flexible Futures is a manifesto for new ways of working. As businesses expand online and workers move across continents with growing frequency, the notion of a traditional workplace becomes less familiar. 

In Flexible Futures, Dropbox surveys the developing landscape of alternative spaces and places in which work can happen. We partnered with Citizen Research to talk to industry experts and meet inspiring Dropbox customers to uncover the value and versatility of work beyond the 9–5.

How the state of work is changing for the better

An important goal of the Design Research team is to bring the voice of the customer to our internal teams, who are designing and building a more enlightened way of working. Flexible Futures brings to life our research and engages a conversation about the evolving working world. We reveal new flexible approaches to collaboration, creativity, innovation, productivity and happiness at work. This is only the beginning.

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Customer Encounters

Three case studies exploring the flexibility of contemporary workplaces, from an urban farming centre in Europe to an architecture studio working remotely across Southeast Asia. These encounters showcase the evolving ways in which distributed teams are redefining the relationship between work and location.

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Cultural bites

These five initiatives provide hints about our work futures, including new ways of collaborating in distributed teams and expanding services. While some signal a brighter future, others examine new dynamics that still need figuring out.

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Flexible Futures by Citizen Research

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