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Virtual First | Teamwork Kit

Get to know your team

Strong social relationships correlate with longevity and more success at work. We spend much of our waking lives with coworkers, so connecting deeply at work plays an important role in our well-being. Use this workshop to build trust and understand what makes your teammates tick. It’s great for new teams, offsites, or any time you’re feeling disconnected.



Step 1 (pre-work): Fill out the Working-with-me template

Before your workshop, send the Working-with-me template (below) to your team over chat or email. Ask everyone to spend 10–15 minutes reflecting on the questions, and have them bring their answers—along with sticky notes—to your workshop.
Working-with-me template

What’s your working style?

Introvert or extrovert? Autonomous or collaborative? Use this template to understand your preferences a little better.


Step 2: Warm up the “room”

After you’ve kicked off your virtual meeting, ask your teammates the questions below—in a rapid-fire style. Have them write their answers on a sticky note, and then hold it up to the camera on command. 

  • Morning person or night owl?
  • City or nature?
  • Secret superpower?

Step 3: Workshop it!

Once everyone’s warmed up, have them pull up their Working-with-me template. Let everyone talk about their template and compare answers to the questions. When you’re done, reflect: Were the answers similar or different? Did anything surprise or challenge you? Based on this information, would you change anything about how you collaborate?

3 easy wins

Build the habit

  • Include your Working-with-me template in your email signature.
  • Next week: Choose ONE Working-with-me topic to discuss in a meeting warmup.
  • Quarterly: Re-run the workshop each time someone new joins your team.