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Get even more control with Dropbox security partners

To keep your employees and data safe online, you need the best tools available. We've partnered with the world's leading security companies to give you control, flexibility, and security

Okta is a Dropbox security partner

Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud or just looking to sign up for Dropbox team account, security is likely on the top of your mind.

In order to keep your employees and data safe, you want to know you’re using the best tools available. That’s why Dropbox not only comes standard with powerful security features, but also partners with the world’s leading security companies to give you even more control and flexibility. Here’s how three of our partners help extend core Dropbox Business security features to help keep your company safe.

Easily manage Dropbox Business accounts with Okta

Dropbox Business lets your team collaborate more easily, with simpler ways to share files, and team folders that keep everyone up to date. Admins can also set granular permissions, so only the right user accounts can access the appropriate files and folders. But if you’ve already set up accounts for your employees in other apps, you’d rather not have to create and manage new ones. Fortunately, when you integrate Dropbox Business with Okta, you can extend your existing AD and LDAP directories. What’s more, you can create, update, and delete users from a single console across multiple cloud apps, including Dropbox Business.

Keep mobile employees secure with VMware

When your team signs up for Dropbox Business, your employees can easily work and collaborate on the go. To make mobility management as smooth as possible, Dropbox Business integrates with VMware so you can conveniently manage devices, control access levels, and wipe data remotely—all from one place. It’s a great way to help your employees get even more done, securely, when they’re using Dropbox on the go.

Detect threats and protect data with Symantec CloudSOC CASB

Once you have your users set up and your mobile employees secure, you might want even more tools for analyzing user activity, detecting malware, and identifying risks to sensitive corporate data. Symantec CloudSOC CASB connects with Dropbox to help protect your organization with access security policies, while providing employees the access flexibility they need with integrated Symantec VIP user authentication.

Worried about unauthorized personal accounts on your networks? Symantec Secure Web Gateways (ProxySG or Web Security Services), Symantec CloudSOC CASB Gateway and Dropbox Network Control work together to limit their use. With fully integrated Symantec DLP, you can protect data using the same DLP policies and response workflows you're already using. And finally, detailed reports, customizable dashboards, and powerful, easy-to-understand visualizations help you quickly spot any problematic activity.

Whether you need to build your cloud security from scratch—or just need Dropbox Business to plug into your existing system—partners like Okta and VMware make it easy. To learn more about Dropbox Business partners, check out our Better Together eBook.

Note (December 5th): The list of partners featured in this post has been updated.

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