Start fresh and stay organized with Dropbox

Whether you’re sharing photos, taking a well-deserved trip, or writing a family cookbook, getting stuff in order—physically and digitally—has never been easier.

Image of various folder and file types, such as images and docs, contained in Dropbox.

Now is the time to tidy up (your photo album).

A centralized and organized album means that sharing is a snap. Here’s how to create system that makes sense and works with each new photo.

“I preserve important documents and photos from being lost and can access any of that data across platforms when I need it.”

Ray P., Pennsylvania

Image of a couple planning a wedding, with a visual of a Dropbox folder titled ‘Wedding Sites.’

Digitize your filing cabinet—it’s easier than you think.

All you need is your phone to scan, upload, organize, and protect your most important documents, so you can always find them when you need them.

“It’s my primary way of backing up and storing to the cloud to save everything in case of a disaster.”

—Andy N., California

Image of a couple on a laptop with visual icons representing folders and file types that should be secured.

Enjoy the trip you’ve dreamed about.

It’s easier to relax and keep your cool when you know travel documents are safe and within reach when you’re away from home. 

“Every time I travel, I create a folder to keep air itineraries, travel schedules, hotel confirmations, and duplicates of my passport in case I need anything during my trip.”

—Bob T., Hawaii

Image of a family looking at a map with a visual of itinerary and other travel-related files in Dropbox.

Combine new and classic recipes into a family cookbook.

They say food is love. Stay connected and share all those new bread recipes with your favorite people, near and far.

“My sister and I store and share recipes, and I use the app on my phone to look up ingredients while I’m at the grocery store. It’s very convenient and user-friendly, without a lot of overhead.”

—Lynette E., Texas

Image of a family in a kitchen, with Dropbox app open to a folder titled ‘Nana’s Recipes’ with recipe files inside.