Bring your projects to life and get organized with Dropbox

Whether it’s planning your wedding, preparing for the unexpected, or writing a family cookbook, getting stuff in order—physically and digitally—has never been easier.

Getting married during COVID-19? Here’s how to plan and stay connected.

2020 has been a year like no other. Here’s how you can plan your wedding when there’s no such thing as normal.

“I preserve important documents and photos from being lost and can access any of that data across platforms when I need it.”

Ray P., Pennsylvania

Protect everything you care about.

From ensuring your family’s safety to safeguarding your prized possessions, being prepared for an emergency can help you take the unexpected in stride.

“It’s my primary way of backing up and storing to the cloud to save everything in case of a disaster.”

—Andy N., California

Plan the trip of a lifetime—like a pro.

You can’t travel much at the moment, but you can plan for the future. Here’s how to map out an incredible trip you’ll never forget, starting now.

“Every time I travel, I create a folder to keep air itineraries, travel schedules, hotel confirmations, and duplicates of my passport in case I need anything during my trip.”

—Bob T., Hawaii

Create your family cookbook.

They say food is love. And when you’re miles apart from the people you love, a compilation of favorite recipes can help bring you together.

“My sister and I store and share recipes, and I use the app on my phone to look up ingredients while I’m at the grocery store. It’s very convenient and user-friendly, without a lot of overhead.”

Lynette E., Texas