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How to use Dropbox to create the ultimate cookbook

Looking to collect all those priceless family recipes? Dropbox can help you pull together all your favorite dishes in one place.

Father with two children looking at folder of Nana's Recipes in Dropbox

Feel like you've been spending more time in the kitchen lately? You're not alone. According to a recent survey, people are cooking 54% more and baking 46% more right now. So here’s an idea: whatever you’re whipping up in the kitchen day to day, why not keep track of it all? Dropbox can help you put together a stellar recipe book that you can savor for all time—and share with people who’d love it, too.

Get everybody involved


Imagine all of your recipes together with all of your family and friends’ delicious recipes—in one place. Uncle Jerome’s homemade sourdough. Your mom’s coffee cake. And every standout brownie or coffee whip you can muster. Ask everyone to submit their best work and share it in Dropbox. Not only will you have everyone’s greatest hits in one place, they will, too. No more emailing, texting, and then losing track of something delicious. You’ll all be able to call up your favorites whenever a craving strikes. And if you took pics or videos of your own culinary experiments along the way but they’re scattered throughout Facebook, no problem: you can now transfer your photos and videos to Dropbox in just a few clicks.

Get inspired with a centralized working “cookbook”

Having everything organized in Dropbox may be all you need. But why not take it further? Because once you’ve compiled all the recipes, writing a real cookbook can be easier—and more organized—than you might think.

You can use Dropbox Paper to gather all your recipes in one convenient and collaborative place. Paper is an easy, intuitive, and versatile workspace where you can share ideas, pics, video demonstrations, links, and more—all in real time. Paper has been used by numerous creative people such as filmmaker Edward Norton to keep their collaborative projects on track. You don’t have to be famous to take advantage of Paper, though. You can easily create an outline or even the first draft of a real publishable book yourself, depending on how far you want to take your project. You can also self publish your cookbook in a variety of formats that you can share with family and friends.

Whatever passion project you choose, Dropbox keeps you organized


Just take advantage of the easy-to-use tools in Dropbox personal plans like Dropbox Family to create a de-cluttered, organized place so you’re free to focus on what matters. Whether it’s a family cookbook, collection of art projects, a scrapbook, or even the first draft of a novel you’ve always wanted to write, Dropbox can help you stay organized—so you can stay inspired.

The easiest way to keep everyone organized

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