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How Dropbox can help you stay calm, cool, and collected while traveling

Staying connected while you travel can be complicated. Discover some of the ways our users rely on Dropbox to make travel easier.

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Traveling, while fun and exciting, can be complicated; you’ve likely found yourself wondering things like, “Where’s my boarding pass? Does the hotel have Wi-Fi? Will my friends show up on time for the shuttle?” Because traveling goes more smoothly when you can quickly solve little mysteries like these, here are some of the ways our users rely on Dropbox to make travel easier.

Find what you need, when you need it

Start by saving yourself from mad scrambles to find important documents. Instead of relying on printouts, store digital copies in Dropbox and mark them as favorites on your phone or tablet. We’re talking about your boarding pass, contact info for your travel buddies, hotel details, maps, itineraries, etc. Once you mark these as favorites, they’ll be at your fingertips in the Dropbox mobile app, and available even when you don’t have an Internet connection. That way, you can easily find your hotel’s address or the name of the restaurant to give your cab driver, no data signal required.

How to Organize Your Travel Docs With Dropbox video

Keep everyone in the loop

Another way you can keep your trip calm and organized is with Dropbox shared folders. If you’re traveling with a group, have everyone put their flight info in the folder so it’s easy to find out who is going to be where, when. This is also a great place for an itinerary, so everyone arrives on time for group meals and activities. Pretty much anything you could possibly need to share with others while traveling can go in here: emergency contacts, immunization records, and even maps.

Preserve the memories

With the camera uploads feature, you can set our mobile app to back up your photos to Dropbox as you’re taking them throughout your trip. It’s easy to set up through the Dropbox mobile app, and once you do, our app will copy photos over to Dropbox in the background. And when your travels are over, everything will sync with your home computer. So instead of trying to sift through hundreds of photos and videos on your phone’s screen, you can use Dropbox to organize and share your memories from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer.

We hope these ideas help you keep track of everything you need — from your boarding pass to your friends — on your next journey. Happy travels!

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