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Close deals with DocSend in five easy steps

DocSend, a Dropbox product, eliminates the email attachment and version control issues, providing you with document analytics and secure sharing capabilities all through a single link. With DocSend, sales and business teams gain peace of mind knowing when and how to best move their deals forward.

Sending out pitch decks and sales proposals is only the start of a deal cycle. Countless times, deals go dark because of the lack of insight into what should happen next. Now imagine having robust analytics into if and when a document gets viewed, so you can strategically follow up with your client and better control the close process.

DocSend, a Dropbox product, makes that a reality by eliminating the email attachment and version control issues and providing you with document analytics and secure sharing capabilities all through a single link.

Sales reps and business teams can manage, send, and track their important files within an intuitive platform with advanced security and analytics.

A GIF of a link being created and shared via email for a document in Dropbox.

Step 1. Upload documents to DocSend

You can easily move files to DocSend from Dropbox or other providers. Connecting your account takes seconds and makes file uploads fast, simple, and frictionless.

  • Connect to Dropbox. It only takes a few clicks to link DocSend to your Dropbox. You can also connect Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive accounts.
  • Send files to DocSend instantly. Once connected, you can see your entire file directory within DocSend. Double-click any document to quickly upload it.
  • Upload your business documents. Consolidate all of your contracts, proposals, and pricing sheets for sending. DocSend supports all major file types.
A GIF of a document being uploaded to Dropbox and a link created for that document.

Step 2. Set and update restrictions for any document

Negotiating a deal often calls for sharing confidential business materials, which is why security and access control remain top priorities. For confidential materials like contracts and pricing sheets, advanced options and restrictions add extra layers of security to documents. 

  • Safeguard confidential documents with password protection. Password protection features let you add expiration dates for proposal links and protect renewal contracts with passcodes.
  • See who’s accessing your content with viewer verification options. Business teams can use advanced viewer verification options to see who else is looking at their content. With this option, anyone who opens the link will have to submit their email address to access the files.
  • Gain greater control over sensitive content with watermarking. Adding custom and dynamic watermarks to documents gives you more refined control over the most sensitive content. Adaptable watermarks can automatically reflect visitor elements such as email and IP addresses, account names, dates, and times.
A GIF of a link being created for a document in Dropbox with an expiry date and ‘Allowed Viewers’ permissions.

Step 3. Share content securely and expedite action

Business partnerships are the heart of any deal. You can create and tailor a deal room or data room with branding and organize content in DocSend with a personalized touch.

  • Grant access to as many documents as you’d like securely and easily. Send a single proposal or create a deal room to share bundles of content and collaborate with different stakeholders at once. Bundle sales documents that are frequently shared together in polished, customized ways, sharing access to everything with a single link.
A GIF of a link being created for a document in Dropbox, then copied and pasted into an email.

Step 4. Track and follow up on your documents

Detailed insights and analytics reveal who’s engaging with each document and sharing it with others in the organization, signaling where to spend time following up on proposals or contract questions.

  • Use document analytics for more proactive follow-ups. Page-by-page analytics give you an instant view into what pages people are spending the most time on (or skipping over entirely). For example, sales reps who notice their prospects are spending the majority of their time on pricing option A can reach out proactively to check in on questions or follow up with more information.
  • Uncover interested (and new) stakeholders with real-time tracking. Get notifications every time someone views your shared links. Based on the level of restrictions you’ve set on your documents, you can know more about the status of your deal and who the real decision makers are. Knowing who’s interested in the proposals helps focus your time only on the right deals.
A GIF of the Pitch Deck dashboard in Dropbox for tracking documents.

Step 5. Close the deal faster

In the past, balancing multiple people’s opinions and feedback as part of the sales process only happened by getting stakeholders in a room to hash out the final details. Not anymore. Instant feedback and electronic signing capabilities help expedite action and shorten close cycles.

  • Speed up negotiations with real-time feedback. DocSend captures comments and document updates instantly, sharing those changes to everyone with document access. This keeps everyone updated with the latest document versions and changes at all times.
  • Accelerate close cycles with eSignatures. Speed up the close process by adding eSignature into the documents you share for anything from an initial NDA to a closing of the deal. All signed documents are tracked securely in your DocSend account with history and audit views.
A GIF of a document in Dropbox being converted to a signable format.
With DocSend, sales and business teams gain peace of mind knowing when and how to best move their deals forward. Try DocSend today and start closing deals faster. 

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips

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