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Case study

Les Lunes

The founders of retail brand Les Lunes manage a global operation across the Bay Area, Paris and Shanghai with Dropbox Paper.
Two people shaking hands after a paper contract has been signed.
The Les Lunes team posing for a photo.
This is how Les Lunes manages their global operation across the Bay Area, Paris and Shanghai.

Les Lunes Key Results

  • Seamless collaboration across three continents
  • Increased productivity through reduced emails
  • Complete workflows from a single location

The challenge

Sustainable collaboration

In an era where ‘sustainable’ and ‘recycled’ are some of the hottest words in fashion, Les Lunes is the trailblazer. Founded in 2010, the sustainable clothing company uses fabrics made from bamboo in all its products. CEO Anna Lecat’s idea for her business was ambitious; have a design team based in Paris, source materials and manufacturing in China and sell in the United States. “I wanted to create a company where we could control the entire process and could employ the most talented people in their field, regardless of where they’re based,” explains Lecat. 

This meant finding a solution that not only kept Les Lunes’ teams in sync, wherever they were based, but allowed them to communicate and collaborate freely on everything from design work to marketing content to administration information. “Because our team is so spread out, it was very important to have tools where we can communicate, share data, pictures, purchase orders, everything and in real time,” Lecat said.    

To holistically connect Les Lunes’ design, production and in-store teams, Lecat turned to Dropbox Paper.

I can’t imagine how we’d collaborate if we didn’t have Dropbox. Being able to work together from any location elevates us and keeps the business growing at an accelerated rate.

Anna Lecat, CEO

The Solution

Dropbox the fabric, Paper the thread

Les Lunes first started using Dropbox to manage its entire global apparel design process by uploading designs to shared folders or sharing images of models sporting the new outfits. Now, Les Lunes has added Dropbox Paper to its suite of collaboration tools. 

The team will take a dress from concept to mannequin in Paper, using real-time feedback capabilities to bring conversations around these designs to life. This allows stylists in the US and designers in Paris to easily share customer feedback to the entire team, “Our design process begins with our customers,” Lecat said. “They constantly give us great ideas on fit, style, colours and materials. And we do that all in Paper.” 

To create content for their marketing materials, Les Lunes uses Paper to seamlessly combine text, images and rich media in one workspace. The team quickly pastes links or uploads content from Dropbox into Paper. Real time commenting has become the norm to reach a consensus on social media posts. 

Les Lunes also runs all its business operations through Paper. As they’re setting up new stores across the US, the team uses the task list feature to stay on top of deadlines while they select signage, install shelving, customise furniture and book travel.

Dropbox Paper is my new best friend. It’s eliminated long email chains and has really enabled us to communicate better as a team – it’s saved us hours of work.

Tobe Sheldon, Regional Manager

The results

A connected global team

Already a personal user of Dropbox before Les Lunes was founded, Lecat knew that it was the right solution to effectively connect her company and provide the complete oversight she wanted. “I love Dropbox so much that once the Les Lunes team was in place, there was no question we would have Dropbox,” said Lecat. 

Dropbox keeps the dispersed Les Lunes team connected and productive whether they’re in China, the US or Europe. Employees are able to access and share Dropbox and Paper documents from wherever they are, no matter what time zone they’re in, and can share feedback instantly. Additionally, using Dropbox paper has improved the way the entire global team communicates, drastically reducing the amount of time spent deciphering long email chains and determining the latest file version. 

Paper has even influenced the culture and lingo of working at Les Lunes. “We’re even more eager to share things now,” said Lecat. “We’re constantly saying, ‘put it on Paper’.”

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