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How Cully Automation got a handle on contracts using Dropbox

Remote work put a lot of strain on one engineering firm’s manual document management processes. But with Dropbox and Dropbox Sign, Cully Automation made huge strides.


The Challenge

  • Despite employees working remotely, Cully Automation was still relying on emails and letters to send contracts and documents for signature
  • This was costing money, wasting valuable employee time and making it hard to secure the signature process

The Solution

  • Having used Dropbox for 10 years, Cully Automation deployed Dropbox Sign to create a simplified workflow for employees to create, collaborate on, send and sign contracts

The Impact

  • Invoices, contracts and sensitive documents are shared, signed and stored securely, with time-stamped audit trails and automated reminders ensuring nothing slips through the cracks and allowing Cully Automation to close deals 50% faster

Our adoption of Dropbox and Dropbox Sign was key to the growth and success of our company. Without it, we wouldn’t be as efficient or productive.

David Cully, Managing Director, Cully Automation Ltd

Cully Automation is an Irish engineering company that offers everything from design and installation to large-scale process automation. The team specialises in the planning, construction, automation and maintenance of critical water services in Ireland.

Cully Automation relied on Dropbox to manage collaboration between on-site and office teams for several years. But when COVID-19 hit, the team needed a solution that could extend this real-time collaboration to contract signing. The solution also had to account for teams working in the field from low-bandwidth areas, needing to make updates offline, which could be synced later once a connection had been restored.

Journey to Sign

With each visitor and employee needing to complete a back-to-work survey and officially declare they had no COVID-19 symptoms before entering sites, the age-old method of printing, signing and collecting paper forms fast became time-consuming and costly. As well as the need for important health and safety documentation, risk assessments and injury reports to be regularly signed and updated, this meant that the company was dealing with an intensive paper trail – and unnecessary administrative delays.

Wanting to enable employees, visitors and contractors to sign documents and declarations remotely, Cully Automation turned to Sign and Dropbox. This allowed the company to create, sign and securely store legally binding documentation for each of the different sites and offices being entered in real time. What’s more, setup was quick and simple, meaning the team began to benefit from the new technology in just days.

With Dropbox and Sign working together to create the world’s first embedded document eSignature and storage solution, the decision to adopt Sign was simple.

David Cully, Managing Director, Cully Automation Ltd
Before Sign   After Sign
Over-reliance on email
Documents were signed and returned via email, making keeping track of the latest versions difficult to manage.
Improved internal collaboration
Sign allows common documents like declarations or contracts to be automatically sent, signed and filed in the right folder.
Delays from time-consuming sign-offs
Contracts had to be sent via post or required signees to come into the office – adding days of unnecessary delays to the process.
Stress-free sign-offs
Employees can now sign contracts in seconds, accelerating workflows and making it easy for workers to do what they need to do, faster.
Time lost to manual reminders
Teams had to manually chase up missing signatures, which took valuable time away from more important tasks.
Automated reminders
Sign automatically notifies all signees on missing signatures, making it easy to keep track of who has signed what – and when.
Difficulty securing signature process
With documents sent by post and email for signature, securing the process and making it legally binding was difficult.
Secure eSignatures
With time-stamped audit-trails and role-based authentication, documents can be securely shared and signed, with legally binding audit trails.

Boosting collaboration and security with Dropbox and Sign

Following high adoption levels – and an increase in speed and accuracy of the COVID-19 declaration process – the finance, HR and contract teams at Cully Automation chose to adopt a similar workflow. Now, everything from invoicing, recruitment and contracting is managed through Dropbox and Sign.

Together, these tools create a single, united space for all departments at Cully Automation to effectively manage documents. From project kick-off to implementation, Dropbox and Sign ensure all documents are safely secured in an easily accessible location, allowing for better collaboration and real-time updates.

I can’t imagine life without Dropbox or Sign. It’s absolutely critical for everything we do. The products are ingrained in our whole business cycle, right from pre-qualification, to tender, to after-sales.

David Cully, Managing Director, Cully Automation Ltd

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