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How the Dropbox Family plan works

It’s one central place—for up to 6 people—with plenty of storage for your most important photos, documents, and projects. This means your digital filing cabinet is safe and within reach whenever you need it.

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With a Dropbox Family plan, up to six people have one plan, one bill, and 2,000 GB of storage. Everyone can still have their own private account and use a Family Room folder for all the stuff everyone needs to share.

You get a safe and central place to store, organize, and share whether you need to preserve family history or plan the next adventure. It’s an online filing cabinet where you can digitize IDs, permission slips, or medical records so they’re easy to find and ready when you need them. 

Extra features like Dropbox Passwords provide another layer of security with easy sign-ons for all of your accounts.

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