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The easy way to make signing personal paperwork painless

How come personal errands and life moments always mean lots of paperwork to sign? With the right tools, signing important documents can actually be a hassle-free experience. Find out how eSignature solutions can help you speed up the process without missing a beat.

Woman works on a laptop while holding and feeding a baby in her kitchen
A step-by-step demonstration on how to sign a document online.

For all our cherished life moments like getting a new job, buying a home, or welcoming a new family member, life is full of what feels like an overwhelming amount of paperwork to sort through and sign. Suddenly you find yourself scrambling to download, print, sign, scan, and email those critical documents before the deadline. Maybe you don’t even own a printer or a scanner and you have to find a nearby store—or a really good friend—to help you take care of business. Thankfully, there’s a better way to sign documents. 

Sign documents online with just a few clicks 

Our eSignature solution, Dropbox Sign, lets you easily sign important documents online. With Dropbox Sign, you can sign any electronic doc—from emailed PDFs to forms downloaded from your insurance portal. Once you’ve saved the documents in Dropbox, select the PDF you want to sign, then you’ll see an Open menu where you can select Dropbox Sign. Now you can sign your document by typing your name or taking a photo of your signature—either way, your electronic signature is legally binding. Whether you’re finalizing tax forms or leasing a new place to live, Dropbox Sign can help you get your to-do list done quicker.

Want to sign a PDF without printing? It’s now easier than ever with Dropbox Sign.

Securely store and organize all your signed docs

Once your document has been signed, the signed copy will be automatically saved back to the Dropbox folder you selected to help keep all your documents organized. Files won’t go missing, so if something comes up and you need to refer to the doc or resend it, you’ll know where to find it—safely stored in your Dropbox folder. No paper, no pens, and no printing—that’s all there is to it.

Convenience on the go from a brand you trust

With Dropbox, it’s easy to get your important docs squared away fast—so you can get back to doing your best work at your new job, sprucing up your new home, and celebrating milestones with your new family member. You can quickly, sign, save, and send PDFs, Google Docs, Microsoft Word docs, and more on any device. And you can do it all without having to leave your Dropbox account. Anyone who has a Dropbox Sign free plan or a Dropbox account gets unlimited self-signing and three free signature requests per month, so, why wait? No more procrastinating—it’s time to get ahead of your personal paperwork. Get started with Dropbox Sign today so you can take care of your paperwork with much less work.