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Storage alert: How to increase cloud storage

Are you getting alerts that you’re running out of cloud space? If yes, you’re probably wondering about increasing cloud storage. 

Storage alerts from your Dropbox account or other cloud storage provider will make you wonder if it’s worth upgrading. It’s only a few bucks a month, but will it make a noticeable difference?

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Our guide will explain why your storage is full, whether you truly need to get more cloud storage, and some clever ways to expand. You’ll find professional tips that include free and paid options.

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  1. Why is my cloud storage full?
  2. Why should I get more cloud storage space?
  3. How to increase your cloud storage space using free and paid options

Why is my cloud storage full?

You get a maximum of 2 GB of free storage with Dropbox Basic. Using up your allowance is easy to do by accident, which is commonly due to the following situations:

  • A shared folder pushes you over your storage allowance
  • You have multiple copies of the same file taking up space
  • Dropbox is still updating after deleting files, so the free space isn’t showing

If you’re not sure why your Dropbox account is full or you think there’s an issue with your plan, something else may be wrong. It is usually an issue with a promotion or your payment method.

See our help on how to ‘Troubleshoot issues with your Dropbox storage space limit’.

Why should I increase my cloud storage space?

If you’re having issues with full storage or exceeding your quota, it’s totally natural to ask whether it’s worth upgrading. If the following issues affect you, it can be easily justifiable.  Consider whether or not you need to:

  • Upload, edit or sync new files, which you can’t do if you exceed your quota
  • Keep files and do not have offline backups, your cloud storage may remove and delete excess data after a certain amount of time
  • Implement a backup system like the ‘3-2-1 backup method

Cloud storage can be crucial, as it allows you to access data anywhere with an internet connection. Think about the other advantages you’ll get from increasing your cloud storage:

  • Flexibility - Not relying on expensive hardware or manual backups by using physical storage
  • Convenience - If you travel for work, or you work remotely, cloud storage is much more convenient
  • Access - You can access, update, and manage data both on and offline by using Dropbox

So, how do you increase your cloud storage space and what are your options?

[Try Dropbox or upgrade your plan]

How to increase your cloud storage space with free and paid options

1. Earn free space with Dropbox referrals

You can earn a nice bonus of 500 MB for any friend, family member, or colleague you refer. In total, you can earn up to 16 GB in extra cloud storage—that’s 8x the Dropbox Basic allowance!

You’re probably rushing through contacts as we speak. You can invite people using the referrals page. Sign in, invite them, and you will both get bonus space when they do the following:

Note: If you use Dropbox Plus, Family, or Professional, but need more storage space, you can increase cloud storage with referrals too. You get a huge 1 GB from each referral up to a massive 32 GB.

2. Earn free space by completing the Dropbox getting started checklist

If you’re just getting started with Dropbox, you can get more cloud storage for free right away. All you need to do is sign in and complete at least five items on the checklist for an extra 250 MB of cloud storage.

You can achieve this by completing any combination of the following:

  • Adding files or folders to your Dropbox folder
  • Completing the Dropbox tour
  • Downloading and installing the desktop app
  • Installing Dropbox on a mobile device
  • Installing Dropbox on any other computers you may use
  • Inviting friends to join Dropbox (they don’t have to accept to complete this step)
  • Sharing a folder or file with friends or colleagues

Completing the checklist is a quick win if you have a new account but want some extra space. Do it while you wait for your referrals to sign up for their new accounts! 

3. Upgrade your account or switch to a different plan

The Dropbox Basic 2 GB account is fantastic, and referrals offer a wonderful way to boost your space—but if you want to get more cloud storage fast, you might need to upgrade your account.

Drastically boost storage space with Dropbox Plus

2 GB can be perfect for some people but data allowances rise on paid plans. The allowance for Dropbox Plus goes up to 2 TB and you get extras like 30-day recovery and version history too.

Increase storage and get extra functionality from Dropbox Professional

Dropbox Professional gives you 3 TB of extra cloud storage and lets you transfer large files over 100 GB. This plan also has several advanced features for secure sharing and other file controls.

Get the ultimate protection and storage for your files using Dropbox Business

Using Dropbox Business is the ultimate plan for more storage, with 5 TB of encrypted cloud storage space. You also get team monitoring features and many other cool advantages

What is the best Dropbox plan for me?

Dropbox plans are as functional as the files they give you access to, so there is something for any need. It frankly depends on your storage requirements and what you are trying to do. 

If you want a lot of storage because space is your main worry:

  • Dropbox Plus offers 2 TB, enough for most personal, work, or school projects 
  • Dropbox Professional offers 3 TB, suitable for work with large files
  • Dropbox Business offers 5 TB, ideal for enterprise-level cloud storage

If you want data protection and recovery features:

  • Dropbox Professional, which includes 30-day recovery, version history restore features, and encrypted backup
  • Dropbox Business, which includes 180-day file recovery and account protection for accidents, theft, and disasters

If you want sharing, accounts, and other file data or admin tools:

  • Dropbox Family, with shared storage for up to 6 people and private accounts for each user
  • Dropbox Professional, with advanced file-sharing features and tools for easy management
  • Dropbox Business, with an admin console, team monitoring, and many powerful recovery tools

Whatever plan you choose, disorganization makes it more likely you will fill up storage. Always aim to channel your inner Marie Kondo! See ‘How to clear your storage in 5 easy steps’ for more.

Expand your storage space with Dropbox

You can enjoy the main features of Dropbox for free and even earn extra storage with referrals. If need more storage you can easily upgrade your plan, with up to 5 TB of cloud storage available.

Dropbox Basic gives you 2 GB to store or share files, perfect for just a few documents or photos. Choose a plan to expand your cloud storage for the equivalent of a few cups of coffee per month.