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Easily save, manage, and share business data with the Dropbox app for Stripe

If you're among the millions using Stripe as their payments infrastructure, here's how you can use it with Dropbox to keep your records in order.
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If you’re a Stripe user, you already appreciate how easy it makes it for you to manage transactions, while helping you prepare financial reports, reconcile accounts, calculate fees and taxes, and otherwise manage your finance and accounting processes. All from a simple dashboard.

And if you’re a Dropbox user, you know and count on its ability to help you coordinate and collaborate across your company, clients, and customers. You know how it keeps files organized and centralized. And you know how it helps you securely share information with those who need it.

But now, with the top features of each pulled together in the Dropbox app for Stripe, you can easily save financial files and payment records from your Stripe dashboard into your Dropbox folders, and quickly create new Dropbox folders right inside the Stripe app. The reports you generate for billing and subscription services can be used for everything from backend bookkeeping and records management to fulfillment and day-to-day operations. And just as importantly, you can store all your sensitive, vital business documents in one organized spot and use your Stripe dashboard’s search bar to quickly find any of your Dropbox files. It’s all right within Stripe, so you can quickly access what you need to keep working.


Someone choosing Dropbox folder to save report to from Payments section of Stripe dashboard


Get rid of busywork and repetitive tasks

With the Dropbox app for Stripe, you can stop manually reconciling accounts and instead simplify common workflows to ramp up efficiency. And with everything in one place, you can more easily focus on growth, not paperwork.


Save time and effort while boosting productivity

Instead of wasting time jumping back and forth between applications and tabs, you can work in one place and get more work done.

Here’s a real-world example: Let’s say you run an online store and use Stripe to manage your finances and customer payments. When tax season rolls around, you need to share your financial documents with your accountant. How? You connect your Dropbox account to the Stripe app in a few quick clicks, so you can save invoice data from your Stripe dashboard directly to a Dropbox folder labeled “Tax Filing Documents.” Because you’re still in the Stripe dashboard, you can click on your new file to open a web version of your Dropbox folder, and directly share this digital file with your accountant.

Someone creating new Dropbox folder from Customers section of Stripe dashboard
Someone exporting data to Dropbox from Customers section of Stripe dashboard


The Dropbox app for Stripe takes the hassle out of records management. With this latest integration between Dropbox and Stripe, you can manage sensitive data, stay organized, and streamline your workflow, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. Learn more about the Dropbox app by visiting the Stripe App Marketplace.


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