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Make a splash with these tools for non-creatives

Just because you’re not a graphic designer or videographer, that doesn't mean you can’t make professional-looking creative. We’ve put together a list of four Dropbox-connected tools that anyone can use to make visuals that shine.

There’s one adage that rings true to pretty much every business: presentation matters. If you want to grow your business, you need ads, collateral and other assets that look professional and eye-catching. But what if you’re not a creative by trade? Expert brochure design isn’t a talent you’re likely to find in your average estate agent or sales rep.
Luckily, there’s plenty of help out there that doesn’t require a £100-an-hour design shop. Nowadays, there are all kinds of tools that anyone can use to create polished creative on their own. Even better, many of them work with Dropbox to streamline collaboration, organisation and sharing. Here are four tools that will help even the most non-creatives make their business look sharp, professional and ready to take on the world.

Create slick graphics with Canva

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Canva helps you design everything from social media graphics to event leaflets to brochures. Pick from thousands of templates, add in your images, adjust text and you’re all set. You can bring JPEGs, PNGs and other images into Canva by selecting it from the file’s ‘Open’ menu in Dropbox. Or within Canva, you can connect to Dropbox to access any images you have stored. Once you’re done designing, you can save your designs in Dropbox with just a few clicks.

Edit video with ease in Clipchamp

Video is a great way for a business to make its mark. If it’s not your bread and butter, though, video editing is a daunting undertaking. Things like file conversions, colour balancing and filters can be confounding to the uninitiated. But with online video editor Clipchamp, anyone can tell stories worth sharing. It’s easy to bring video recorded on your phone, camera or camcorder into Dropbox with our camera uploads feature. And with our Clipchamp integration, it’s just as easy to edit that video. Open your Dropbox video files in Clipchamp to use in a new or existing project – no manual uploading or downloading required. When your project’s finished, you can export it to Dropbox. From there, you can share it with your team to gather feedback.

Broadcast to the world with Vimeo

Let’s say you’ve got that video project – maybe an ad or a product how-to – and you’re ready to publish it. Vimeo is the place. Choose any video stored in your Dropbox account straight from Vimeo, and you can upload it without having to wait by a sluggish internet connection. Then you can use Vimeo to share your video or embed it on a webpage or social media post.

Sharpen your presentations with

When you’re pitching a new client, the last thing you want them to focus on is how shoddy your deck looks. With, that won’t be a problem. The presentation tool gives you hundreds of customisable smart slides that make it easy to create professional decks. You can easily import assets from Dropbox and save your presentations back to Dropbox for sharing and safekeeping.

That’s just a taste of the tools you can use to get more out of Dropbox.

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