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Goy Architects

Click into the 360-degree video below to discover how this distributed team of architects collaborates in real time with each other as well as their builders and clients on sites across Southeast Asia.

Goy Architects, founded in Singapore by Goy Zhenru in 2015, is an architecture studio focused on combining vernacular craftsmanship with modern, sustainable construction. The studio works across Southeast Asia, with its three partners – Dessy Anggadewi, Sam Loet and Goy Zhenru – working in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore respectively. Goy Architects’ distributed team facilitates an architectural practice that is rooted in local knowledge but nourished through international exchange.

For Goy, Dropbox eases the everyday challenges of working remotely. Design models and documents are all uploaded to a shared Dropbox, meaning that any changes or comments made on site, or through an individual discussion with a builder or client, are recorded in Dropbox for the other partners to see. Goy says that this enables them to be "in sync and up to date, even though we’re not physically present with each other".

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