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Last Lemon

Click into the 360-degree video below to explore the innovative ways that remote work has allowed this artist couple to travel as a family while expanding their practice with clients across the globe.

Last Lemon is a creative studio founded by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar. Born in South Africa, Swerling and Lazar have worked in London, Paris and Maui, and are the creators of ‘cartoon worlds’ that include ‘Harold’s Planet’ and ‘Totally out of Nowhere’. Now living in Marin County, California, the flexibility of remote work has enabled Last Lemon to continue projects with clients in Europe, while also expanding their artistic practice in response to their new environment. 

The key for Swerling and Lazar is being able to maintain work and social connections, while not neglecting their passion for travel. When on the road, Swerling and Lazar use Dropbox to send new work to clients in the UK and California, meaning that they could drive and set up camp in the morning, and work remotely in the afternoon. Dropbox also enabled their children to stay in touch with their schools in California, sharing video diaries and images with their classmates.

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