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Jul 26, 2023

Listen to Episode 14: Etiquette

After a few years of remote worklife, we’ve got the basics down. But there’s no fixed guidance for professional etiquette—it’s always changing alongside cultural norms. And it seems like just when we get comfortable, the rules change. 

In the season 2 finale, we reunite with manners experts and Shmanners co-hosts Travis and Teresa McElroy for a hilarious conversation. They share tips on how to model good etiquette in an authentic way, relate to others, and avoid common misunderstandings in remote work.

We’ll talk about:

  • How etiquette helps us navigate modern society
  • The difference between etiquette and virtues
  • The importance of clear expectations 
  • Healthy ways to communicate boundaries
  • Avoiding misunderstandings with our partners
  • What’s really behind “quiet quitting” 

About Teresa

About Travis

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  • Remember the Golden Rule. When in doubt, treat people how you’d like to be treated. It never fails. 
  • Lead by example. Don’t meet rudeness with rudeness. Call others “in” by modeling good manners.
  • Make the extra effort. It’s easy to misunderstand someone in remote communication. Be clear, but be kind. 
  • Be explicit. Avoid snags by being clear about what you expect, and what’s expected of you. 

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Special guests

An illustrated headshot of Gloria Mark.

Travis McElroy

Etiquette expert, podcast host, and actor

An illustrated headshot of Gloria Mark.

Travis McElroy is a podcaster, actor, producer, humorist, and four-time New York Times–best-selling maker known for The Adventure Zone; My Brother, My Brother and Me; and Shmanners.

An illustrated headshot of Gloria Mark.

Teresa McElroy

Etiquette expert and podcast host

An illustrated headshot of Gloria Mark.

Teresa McElroy co-hosts Shmanners with her husband, Travis McElroy. She supports the Emily Post school of etiquette, where you lead by example. She's lovely and should be sainted for dealing with all the weird things Travis and his brothers do.

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