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Jun 28, 2023

Listen to Episode 12: Not okay

Over the past few years, it’s safe to assume we’ve all experienced bouts of being… not okay. But without coworkers and friends around us in the office every day, navigating these rough patches requires a different set of skills.

In this episode, we talk to psychology professor and researcher Essi Viding about how to support well-being in a remote work environment. She shares wise and evidence-based ways to care for ourselves, support others, and build resilience.


We’ll talk about:

  • How to build a personalized wellness toolkit
  • The interconnectedness of physical and mental health
  • Trusted, time-tested fixes for moments of crisis
  • The value of talking about our experiences with others

About Essi

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  • Be proactive. When you’re feeling strong, create a wellness program to rely on when you’re in distress.
  • Give yourself grace. Speak to yourself the way you’d speak to a friend, and don’t demand the impossible.
  • Explore the quiet. Alone time can be valuable. Take note of how you’re feeling and what’s interesting or special in those moments.
  • Look outwards. Thinking about how you can contribute to others can help you change your headspace.
  • Trust the basics. Sometimes a simple nap, snack, walk, or chat can do wonders for our mental health.
  • Model well-being. If you’re a leader, promote team wellness proactively through your own actions.
  • Wait out the waves. Rough patches are inevitable, but they aren’t permanent. Remember that this too shall pass.

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Special guest

Essi Viding

Professor and researcher

An illustrated headshot of Essi Viding.

Essi Viding is professor of Developmental Psychopathology, chair of Children and Young People's Mental Health Research Strategy, and co-director of the Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit at University College London. She is also adjunct faculty at Yale.

An illustrated headshot of Essi Viding.
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