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Remotely Curious podcast: New Kid

Professor, behavioral scientist, and best-selling author Katy Milkman talks about the “fresh start effect” and how to make the most out of big transitional moments. 

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Listen to Episode 11: New Kid

No matter our age or experience, we all feel like the new kid sometimes. Whether we’re starting a new role, joining a different team, or changing companies, we have to learn the ropes and set ourselves up for success quickly—sometimes without ever reporting to an office. So, how can we make the most out of these big shifts? And can remote or hybrid work play to our advantage when we’re starting something new? 

On today’s episode of Remotely Curious, we talk to professor and behavioral scientist Katy Milkman about why fresh starts are so exciting, ways to use transitional moments as opportunities to experiment, and how to embrace and enjoy change—even when we don’t ask for it.

People behave differently at moments in life that feel like new beginnings. When you have a sense of a fresh start and a clean slate, it makes you feel separation from things that have gone wrong in the past with goals you were hoping to pursue. And so we're more motivated and make more efforts to pursue goals at these fresh start moments.

—Professor, behavioral scientist, podcast host, and best-selling author Katy Milkman

We’ll talk about:

  • The “fresh start effect” on motivation
  • How to approach goal setting in moments of change
  • The power of giving and getting advice 
  • How to create a sense of a new beginning, anytime 

About Katy

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  • See change as an opportunity. Even if you feel overwhelmed, remember that a fresh start is a perfect time to make positive changes and form healthy habits. 
  • Break big goals into small pieces.Set yourself up for success by setting aspirational but achievable goals and stay accountable with a remote “advice club”. 
  • Enjoy the ride. We’re more likely to stick with our goals when we’re enjoying the process. So don’t force it! Make tweaks as you go, and cut yourself some slack. 

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Special guest

Katy Milkman

Professor, behavioral scientist, and author

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Katy Milkman is a Professor at Wharton, behavioral scientist, co-director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, host of Charles Schwab’s Choiceology podcast, and author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, How to Change.

An illustrated headshot of Katy Milkman.
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