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Security Panel – How the cloud keeps your data secure in an ever changing workplace?

This panel brings IT experts from Channel4 and 1000heads together to discuss how indispensable the cloud has become and why the security arguments against cloud are getting weaker.

Why were some businesses better prepared to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic than others?

That’s the subject we explore here with Brian Brackenborough, CISO of Channel4, and Nick Smith, IT & Digital Transformation Director at 1000heads.

The cloud has been critical to surviving and thriving during the pandemic, with early adopters standing to gain the most. But despite the security arguments against cloud now being weaker than ever, some CISOs and IT teams are still resisting it. Why?

This is what this panel session attempts to answer by discussing three key questions:

  • Is the cloud secure enough for sensitive data today?
  • With the benefit of hindsight, should you have trusted cloud sooner?
  • What can we do to be prepared for further business disruption in future?
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Group of people gather to talk about security and Dropbox

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