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How to back up Facebook photos and transfer them

Now you can bring your entire photo and video libraries from Facebook into Dropbox in one fell swoop.

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For the hyper-organised among us – or even just people who appreciate things being easier to find – untangling the scatter of files we all have can be quite the challenge.
Case in point: photos and videos. It’s pretty easy to amass thousands and thousands of them across your devices, social networks and apps. And we want to help, by making Dropbox a place where you keep everything organised. So today, we’re introducing a new integration that lets you transfer your photos and videos from Facebook in just a few clicks.
With this new integration, transferring your entire photo and video libraries from Facebook is simple and secure. Just choose whether you want to transfer photos or videos, temporarily connect Facebook to your Dropbox account, confirm and… that’s it.
A gif of importing images to own device using dropbox

Your files will transfer to Dropbox in the background – no need to keep your computer on or stare at a status bar. You’ll receive a notification when the transfer's finished, at which point you’ll see the files in a new 'Photo Transfer' folder. Everything will be grouped by album, ready for you to organise whatever way works best for you. And with everything in Dropbox, you’ll have control over who exactly has access to your photos and videos. Your files will be private by default, and from there, you can share them with anyone, no one or just a few select people.


"At Dropbox, our goal is to provide products and services that make our users’ digital lives easier and less chaotic, so they can really focus on what matters”, said Jamie Young Perlman, VP of Business Development at Dropbox. “That’s why today we’re excited to partner with Facebook on a data portability tool that gives users the ability to transfer their Facebook photos and videos to Dropbox with just a few clicks. People no longer accept being locked into one service or product, and want the freedom to use the diverse tools they love. We’ll continue to look for ways to seamlessly integrate with best-in-breed products so that we can serve as the connective platform for all of today’s leading productivity tools and devices".

You can transfer your Facebook photos and videos to Dropbox starting today.

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