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Streamline your sales workflow and get to the finish line faster

Fast moving and complex, the sales world demands tech that can keep up. That’s Dropbox. So stop wasting time frantically searching for price sheets and pitch decks. From the first outreach email to the final signature, we’ve got everything you need.

Dropbox makes life easy for sales teams

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Keep salespeople focused on selling

Give every salesperson the up-to-date information they need to open doors and close deals. Make sales materials accessible, wherever they are and whenever they need them.
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Streamline your sales workflow

Easily collaborate on proposals, pitches and quotes. Share information with your team, as well as your customers, to make sure nothing slows you down.
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Get sign-off faster

Simplify signatures and approvals every step of the way. A streamlined workflow means you can quickly move prospects through the pipeline, without delay.

Arm your salespeople with everything they need

You never know when a lead might come through. Whether you’re in the office, on the road or anywhere in between, it pays to be ready for anything. Dropbox makes it easy for you to keep your salespeople informed and equipped with everything they need.

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Give every salesperson instant access to sales assets

Make documents readily available, no matter where your salespeople are or what they’re using. With automatic syncing, every rep is armed with what they need to sell, at any moment.
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Keep everyone up to date and on message

Clearly organise your latest price sheets, one-pagers, technical details, presentations and more. It’s never been easier to bring new reps into the team.
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Get everything you need, all in one place

Our platform integrations allow you to pull files from Dropbox right into Salesforce records, so you can keep them organised according to their Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Keep your sales cycle moving

When delays can be the difference between landing or losing a prospect, a seamless workflow can mean everything. Built with collaboration at its heart, Dropbox makes it effortless for teams to function as one and get that proposal out the door.

Make first impressions that matter

Wrap proposals, pitches and documents in your company’s style with branded links. You can even add passwords and expiry dates, and set access levels for each of the files you share.

Stay on top of internal progress on pricing, proposals and more

Track the latest file activity and get notified when new comments are added so you can keep things moving.

Say goodbye to frustrating delays

Everyone across your company and every one of your prospects can open documents and add comments right in Dropbox.

Deliver a clean handoff from sales to account management

Give everyone the critical information they need to give your new customers a smooth onboarding.

Keep an eye on what’s catching a prospect’s attention with DocSend

You’ll get notified when they’ve opened it, then see in real time how they’re engaging and who they’re sharing with.

Protect and secure your information

Encrypt your files with industry-leading tech and easily manage it all with Dropbox’s simple administrative tools. Quickly recover files and manage access in just a few clicks.

Get to the (dotted) finish line faster

When you’ve put in all the work getting there, the last thing you need is a delay at the final stretch. With Dropbox’s eSignature capabilities, closing a sale has never been so satisfyingly simple.

Speed up critical points in your process

Use eSignatures for everything: from NDAs and scopes to final proposals and pricing. Create turnkey templates for the documents you use in every deal, allowing you to create signature-ready contracts in record time.

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Break the bottlenecks that bog down deals

Track comments or questions on important documents, with built-in reminders and notifications to improve completion rates.

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Respond to unexpected changes in an instant

Easily add signers, resend agreements with changes and delegate signing to the correct person. It’s always good to be prepared if things change or you make a mistake.

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Optimise your sales process and get contracts signed without ever leaving Salesforce

With Dropbox Sign for Salesforce, your sales team can create, send and sign agreements from the tools they are already using.

Apps available to integrate with Salesforce from Dropbox

Frequently asked questions

What is a sales workflow?

A sales workflow is a series of repeatable steps through which sales teams move a prospective customer from an initial contact through to closing a final sale. Examples of steps might include prospecting, demonstrating value and handling objections. By having a sales workflow, teams can ensure that each salesperson knows exactly how to approach each lead, improving both the consistency and efficiency of the department.

How can Dropbox help to improve the sales workflow?

Dropbox makes it easy to access common files and templates, as well as sharing documents seamlessly. This works hand-in-hand with the sales workflow process, allowing teams to create specific files for each step, which sales reps can then access whenever they need them.

Does Dropbox have eSignature functionality?

With Dropbox Sign you can electronically request and add legally-binding signatures to customer contracts. This can help to speed up the sign-off process once your sales proposal has been accepted and you are ready to close the deal.