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Meet with a documented agenda

Staying on track is easier than you may imagine. By creating, respecting, and leveraging a documented agenda, you and the folks you meet with will avoid the pain of inefficient meetings. We all need a little help keeping track of what we’d otherwise need to remember.


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Documented agenda

Keep meetings on track

Use this worksheet to create an agenda for your next meeting

Documented agenda worksheet for your next meeting. It includes topic of meeting, date and attendees along with agenda, notes and next steps.

Step 2: Attach to a calendar invite

Whether you’re preparing for a 1-to-1, a weekly team standup, or a creative review, take a moment and attach a shared agenda document to the calendar invite. That way, everyone in the meeting is aligned and focused, with zero ambiguity on how the meeting should kick off or end - this is all documented before the session even begins!

Step 3: Use the same document for recurrences

If a meeting recurs (like a 1-to-1 with your manager) or a topic gets revisited (like a second stakeholder review of a project brief), use the same document. By leveraging the same document and simply adding a fresh date at the top, you are creating a single source of truth that attendees can trust to bring themselves up to speed. Dropbox Paper is tailor-made for this workflow with pre-made templates.
From Dropbox

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Great resources from experts we trust

Learn how an agenda will help your meetings.

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3 easy wins

Build the habit

  • Tomorrow: Find a recurring meeting on your calendar and add an agenda to its invite.
  • Next week: Find a meeting with 5+ people, create an agenda, and email it to attendees in advance.
  • Quarterly: Share your favorite agenda template with another meeting facilitator and discuss ways to approve the template.