Plan the 2021 trip of a lifetime with Dropbox

Even if you're not ready to travel right now, you can use Dropbox to start putting together your "end of the pandemic" adventure.

Sep 14, 2020
Father sitting on floor with two sons, map, and notepad, looking at travel-related files in Dropbox on phone

With routine travel on hold for the time being, you now have the time to plan the best trip you’ve ever taken, down to every last detail.

And while you’re daydreaming about where you’ll go and all you’ll get to see and do, you’re giving yourself the reward of something to really look forward to.

It’s called the trip of a lifetime for a reason

Spontaneous jaunts out of town are often made possible by frequent flier miles or cheap flight deals. And let’s face it: sometimes we go somewhere because it’s where we’ve always gone or the airline promo was just too good to pass up. But jumping on a plane at a moment’s notice isn’t what we’re doing right now. We’re living in a time where being intentional about everything we do is the new norm. But who says there can’t be a silver lining in all that? With more time to plan, more time to save, and more time to get everything in order, you can create a travel itinerary for the ages, a trip you’ll savor for the rest of your life. So what does that look like for you?

Plan it now and your trip will be there waiting for you

As much as it may not seem like it at the moment, COVID-19 isn’t going to define our lives forever. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, just like everything else. The city of San Francisco rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake. Chicago recovered after the Great Fire. And let’s not forget that the 1918 pandemic was followed by the raucous Roaring Twenties. To paraphrase Gloria Gaynor, ‘We will survive.’ So while we stay smart about our health and the health of others, we can also allow ourselves to focus on—and get excited about—the positive ahead. It might be a good idea to plan a whole year in advance for that big trip on your bucket list. Even though you don’t know what the world will look like a year from now, the uplifting part is that you’ll be ready for what is.

Get started on the things you can do right now

You can do some simple things right away to prepare for next year. Make sure your passports are up to date. Use doc scanner to save everything digitally, back it up in Vault so you access anything in case you accidentally leave your passport on a train to Vienna. Create a fun, detailed itinerary in Dropbox Paper with inspiring links, pics, and a list of ideas and share it with everyone on the trip.

Download useful travel apps

Be ready for the day to day with handy apps that can inform you about the little things you might not think of in advance but could turn out to be really important. Like, for example, what exactly you should you pack for a month-long trip to Europe in early Spring. The PackPoint app guides you on what to pack based on where you’re going, weather, and activities. If you want the up-to-the-minute, inside scoop on what’s going on where you’re staying, try HeadOut for spontaneous outings and great local deals. And if you’re destined for multiple destinations on your journey, LoungeBuddy can ensure you take your layovers in relaxing stride in the comfiest airport lounges the world over.

In the meantime, create a travelogue of past trips


Organize all those other travel memories. Use automatic camera uploads to organize and categorize pics and videos from past trips you took into one place. You might find that some of those smaller trips you forgot about were actually pretty special, too. And now’s a great time to document the times you’ve spent and the places you’ve been. You’ll be glad you did it because your next trip will be ready to take its rightful place in the story of your life’s travels.

Push the boundaries to create a dream travel plan

While international travel isn’t a given right now, proactively planning your next getaway most certainly is. And now, a time unlike any other, can give you the mental and emotional space you need to put together an itinerary that actually inspires you. Because let’s be honest, a lot of travel can involve a predictable checklist of tourist destinations and some pretty mundane practical implications. But not this trip: you can reach for the stars, ask for and envision what you truly want, and, eventually, make it all come true.

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