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Working with clients has never been so simple

When you’re a creative team of one, your work is only as good as your workflow. Don’t let endless admin and project management stifle your spark. Dropbox makes sharing creative work easier, so you can make clients happier.

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Dropbox makes life easy for solo creatives and freelancers

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Efficient client reviews

Sharing ideas and gathering feedback doesn’t have to be so chaotic. Take the pain out of the review process with seamless file sharing, commenting, and version control.
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Your organized client workflow

Creative workflow is key to handling multiple clients and projects. Work smarter, work faster, and keep timelines on-track by keeping yourself, your projects, and your collaborators organized.
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Collaboration with control

As a freelance creative, your work is your livelihood. Give it the security it deserves, with encrypted sharing, file recovery, and complete control over access privileges.
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Branded delivery of projects

Delivery has never been so simple. Effortlessly send your clients files—up to 100 GB—and add your branding, an expiration date, or a password to control

Smart sharing solutions to keep you and your clients happy

Say goodbye to file size limits, version mix-ups, and endless email chains. You and your clients deserve a better system: one that allows you to focus on actually reviewing the work, instead of wasting time and energy trying to access it.

Share ideas and gather feedback in one place

No more email attachments or uploading free transfer tools. With Dropbox, sharing work with clients is as simple as copying the link to the file and sending.

A simplified review process that embeds into your existing creative workflow

Why add extra steps to your existing workflow? Dropbox lets you share files and get feedback directly from Adobe Photoshop and your other go-to tools.

Escape the version control nightmare

With Dropbox, you only ever need one version. You’re in control over who can access your files and when, as well as what they can do with them. If clients decide they liked an older edit, you can simply revert to an older version, all within the same file.

Give your work the protection it deserves

Dropbox makes it easy to keep your freelance work safe, with advanced security and file sharing systems to give you complete peace-of-mind. Rest easy in the knowledge that your files and ideas are safe, and nothing can slow you down.

Instant file recovery for those accidental deletions

No file? No problem. Quickly recover files if they’re accidentally moved or deleted, without missing a beat.

Take control over file access

Share files on your terms with easy-to-use controls that allow you to adjust read-only, edit, download, and other access permissions for each user.

Protect your legal documents with eSignatures

Make sign-off simple and certain. Quickly capture electronic signatures on proposals, SOWs, licensing, copyright agreements, and more with Dropbox Sign.

Keep your digital portfolio secure

Keep your ideas safe by protecting your work and encrypting important data with industry-leading tech from Dropbox.

Work smarter, work faster, and keep timelines on track

As a freelancer, you’re not just a designer or a creative specialist. You’re the project manager, client contact, finance department, and sales team. And you’re doing all this for multiple clients at the same time. Staying organized means staying on-top of work. With Dropbox, it’s easy to keep yourself, your projects, and your collaborators in-check and on-track.

Keep all your work in one place and access it from anywhere

Whether you’re heading to client meetings, working from the coffee shop, or at the studio on a shoot, you never know when you might need your files. Dropbox makes this easy, with all your files synced to your device. That means you can access them whenever you need them, even when you’re offline.
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Seamless integration with your go-to suite of tools

Dropbox works hand-in-hand with your favorite creative suites. Boost your productivity with access to Dropbox’s sharing and feedback functionality, directly within Adobe Creative Cloud,, Fiverr, and many more.
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Expand your creative team whenever you need to

Easily manage collaborators and other contributors with simple permissions, so you can be agile and adjust as you bring additional freelancers on and off a project.

Hassle-free delivery, with secure and branded large file transfers

When your project is coming to a close and you’re ready to move onto the next one, the last thing you need is an issue delivering your finished work. Dropbox Transfer lets you easily and securely hand off large files—or collections of files—and confirm delivery.

Quickly and easily deliver any file

Transfer up to 100 GB of files per transfer to anyone, even people without a Dropbox account, simply by copying a link or sending an email.

Deliver with certainty

Know exactly when your work has been received, with confirmed delivery and download notifications. Stay in control with access management, password protection, and link expiration settings.

Make a lasting impression

Add custom branding by choosing a background image and logo for your transfer’s download page.

Don’t just take our word for it

Frequently asked questions

How can I share documents online?

With Dropbox, you can easily share files and folders with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Just by sharing a link, you can send anything—from anywhere—using your phone, tablet, or computer.

How do I share documents with multiple users?

It’s easy to add and remove collaborators on documents with Dropbox. Simply add their email addresses to the file, set access privileges for each user, and get notifications whenever anything changes.

How do I ask my client for feedback via email?

Requesting client feedback has never been simpler. Thanks to seamless file sharing, commenting, and version control with Dropbox, all you need to do is grab the link and share it with your clients. Watch as they provide feedback, ready for you to action and resolve in one single place.

How do you sign a contract virtually?

Our Dropbox Sign eSignature solution allows you to get business-critical documents securely sent, signed, and saved from anywhere. Simply upload the document, add the required signers’ email addresses, and get notifications as soon as the document status updates.