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Bring your campaigns to life with true remote collaboration

From strategy through to campaign delivery, streamline your entire marketing process and take the pain out of creative review. Dropbox lets you share files and feedback in one collaborative space, so nothing gets missed, and nothing gets out of hand.

Dropbox makes life easy for marketing teams

people collaborting on a timeline within dropbox.

Improve your marketing workflow

Keep your entire project workflow in one collaborative space. Spend less time micromanaging and more time bringing your campaigns to life.
people giving feedback on a photograph

Review creative faster

Say goodbye to endless email chains, compatibility issues, and confusion. Leave timestamped feedback directly in videos, without an email attachment in sight.
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Make agency collaboration easy

Why wait for a weekly status update for answers you need today? Dropbox shows the entire team what’s happening now and, with cloud-based sharing, you won’t need them to email anything over.

Keep everyone on the same page from day one

No more herding cats. Dropbox is a single space for your team’s content collaboration needs. Share everything from meeting agendas and project outlines through to the final creative delivery.


Teams using Dropbox can boost their productivity with easy collaboration and secure file sharing, both within the team and with agency partners. 

a user interfact with people managing the files on the screen

Streamline workflows

Allow multiple team members to work together to produce and approve a final product.

Get full visibility into who’s working on what

Review version history and file activity, so you know when the work is getting done.

Eliminate the need for messy email threads

With Dropbox file activity, you’ll always get notified when a new comment is left on one of your files, so you can jump directly into the conversation.

Get to the final edit faster

Back-and-forth emails, conflicting or duplicate edits, and general confusion—it all adds up to frustration for both you and your agency when reviewing creative. It’s time to simplify the process. Dropbox makes gathering creative feedback easier. Collaborate, share, and edit alongside colleagues in a single, organized place.

Communicate with your collaborators

Leave comments on documents, images, or on previews of audio and video files, with our collaboration tools. Tag team members, and they’ll be notified that you’ve left feedback.

Save time and hassle figuring out which app you need to open a file

Dropbox stores all your files in one place, ready for collaborators to leave feedback directly within video and audio files, with time-based comments.

No more hopping between apps during review rounds

Dropbox Replay allows you to upload videos and access feedback directly from editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Seamlessly collaborate with your agency partners

At a time when remote collaboration is more important than ever, Dropbox makes working between teams, agencies, and timezones a breeze.


Dropbox empowers cross-agency teams to centralize their work all in one place. That means you can spend less time managing content and more time collaborating. Access all your important files like PDFs, Google Docs, and JPEGs—as well as connected tools like Slack and Zoom—without ever leaving Dropbox.

a user interfact with people managing the files on the screen

Share any file or folder easily, with anyone

Just by sharing a link, you can share anything—from raw photoshoot images to final video edits—with anyone. They don’t even need to have a Dropbox account.

Share links and files from anywhere, using your phone, tablet or computer

Unlike email attachments, you don’t have to worry about file size limits—share files as large as your cloud storage space quota (2 GB and up).

Get real-time updates when you share files

Whenever someone makes a change to a file you’ve shared, you’ll immediately see who’s added, edited, deleted, renamed, moved, or signed an online file.

Don’t just take our word for it

Frequently asked questions

What is a creative workflow?

A creative workflow is the process through which marketing teams and their agency partners collaborate to generate ideas, develop content, feedback, and launch a final creative product.

What are the benefits of collaboration tools?

With digital collaboration tools, teams can simultaneously work within the same files at the same time. This results in a more streamlined process, eliminating the hassle of version control and with better file security.

How does remote collaboration work?

Remote collaboration is the process of engaging as a team from anywhere in the world. Thanks to cloud technology, simultaneous collaboration on files is possible without bringing colleagues or agency partners into the same space.

How do you transfer very large files that are too big for email?

With Dropbox Transfer you can share up to 100GB of files in a single transfer, with advanced controls for access privileges, delivery notifications, and more.