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Your end-to-end video workflow

From keeping work organized to final delivery, Dropbox is your single place to store, edit, and share video projects with professional polish.

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Dropbox makes video projects easy for creative freelancers

feedback being given through the dropbox replay platform

Simplify the feedback and review process

Receive frame-by-frame feedback from your team and clients with Dropbox Replay. Review edits in a professional-grade video player—async or together in real-time!
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Speed up your workflow with app integration

Protect your work, keep track of versions, and access files from anywhere. Seamless integrations with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Zoom make collaborating easy.
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Easily share large video files with Dropbox Transfer

Deliver copies of your final video assets, up to 100GB, to anyone. You can even add your branding, an expiration date, or a password to control access.

Get to the final_final edit faster with Dropbox Replay

Say goodbye to folders filled with instances of what you were certain was the “final” edit. Make the process of sharing video edits and gathering feedback easy for you and your clients. With Dropbox, you can finally make delivering the best work your only focus.

User Interface of Dropbox Replay

Receive frame-accurate feedback in one place

Dropbox Replay makes it easy to consolidate comments, take action on feedback and finalize your videos, all in one place. And when it’s that easy, everyone loves it.
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Showcase your work to your audience

Don’t get caught up in the chaos of clients reviewing and feeding-back in silos. Create a virtual viewing room so that everyone can review edits at the same time, on the same file.
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Effortless file sharing for your edit

Simplify video sharing by sending out a link, without a file transfer in sight.

Find all your creative tools, right where you need them

Whether you’re working on files, organizing projects, or sharing with clients for review, access your entire video production workflow in one place with Dropbox. Our seamless app integration makes it easy for creative freelancers to keep video projects in-order and clients happy.

Complete integration with all of your go-to creative tools

Boost your productivity by spending more time creating and less time finding files, or jumping between apps. That’s all thanks to simple search features and integrations with your go-to tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Zoom.

All your files, from all your apps, in one organized place

Keep all your work in one place. Store videos, Photoshop files, or other production files together with Google Doc status reports, Excel schedules, PDF proofs, or Keynote pitch decks.

Say goodbye to flummoxing feedback and format frustrations

Clients can preview Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, video, audio, and many other file formats as you want them to see it, regardless of what apps they have. They can add comments directly to the preview too, so all feedback is in one place.

File transfers as big as you need

The storyboards have been signed-off. The shoot is done. The final edit is approved. It’s time to deliver your finished creation. All 15 GB of it.


When it’s finally time to deliver the finished product, Dropbox allows you to transfer your large video files in just a few clicks.


Effortlessly transfer large video files, safely and securely

Share up to 100 GB files via a simple link with password protection, expiration dates, and delivery confirmation notifications with Dropbox Transfer.

UI of a file transfer

Don’t just take our word for it

Case studies

Sundance Film Festival

Learn how the Festival uses Dropbox to streamline the process of selecting the year’s finest work in independent cinema.

Front of the Sundance film festival


Discover how the global ad agency keeps creativity moving forward across countries and time zones with help from Dropbox.

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Frequently asked questions

What tools does Dropbox offer for video feedback?

Dropbox Replay is our purpose-built platform for fast-track video and audio collaboration. Easily consolidate comments, implement feedback, and finalize your projects all in one place.

How do you provide feedback on a video with Dropbox?

With Dropbox Replay, gathering time-specific feedback on your video edits is easy. Browser-based reviews let anyone provide frame-accurate feedback and on-screen markups—no special software or Dropbox account needed.

How do you create a successful video production workflow?

A video production workflow is a process that enables you to get from an idea, or a client brief, through to a finished piece of video content. To create a successful video production workflow, you should become familiar with your tools and the role they play at each stage of the process. It can help to have a central space, in which all of your tools, files, and communications can be organized. Dropbox is perfect for this, with seamless file sharing, feedback, and app integrations all in one place.

What are the 5 phases of video production?

Five common phases of a typical video production workflow include ideation, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Ideation is the process of receiving and interpreting a brief, to create the overall concept and direction for the video. The pre-production stage is crucial for interpreting the idea into a formal script and a plan for how the video will be produced.


Production is the shoot itself, which should run according to a plan and schedule defined in the pre-production stage. Post-production is the stage in which all of the raw footage captured during production is reviewed and edited into the video asset. Once the final edit is complete, the video goes into the Distribution stage, in which it is published and delivered through the intended channels.


With Dropbox, you can make every stage of the video production process easy, with industry-leading file storage, sharing, and feedback. In-app integration with your favorite tools, like Adobe Creative Suite, and large file transfers for the final export make creating and delivering your video projects effortless.