The future of work is flexible

Massive shifts in society are rapidly changing the way people work. Distributed teams, diverse time-zones and new ways of collaboration are calling for a more flexible future.
Work culture article

Forbes: Why businesses need a collaboration strategy

Forbes Insights has teamed up with Dropbox to see why collaboration can sometimes fail and how to build a culture of collaboration to drive value.

Work in Progress keynote

Can better focus drive better business?

Drew Houston, CEO and co-founder of Dropbox, shares his insights into the ever-changing world of work and how technology can help you work smarter.

Webinar series on remote work

How can remote teams collaborate more effectively?

As businesses adjust to the new normal of distributed work, IT teams and managers face unprecedented challenges to enable staff to get their work done, wherever they are. Join us for a series of 20-minute webinars that seek to address these challenges and offer solutions for doing your best work, remotely.

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