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How Dropbox sync stacks up against its competitors

By choosing Dropbox, you not only save time but also enhance your team’s collaboration capabilities and provide effortless access to your most important files. According to a Principled Technologies study* conducted in 2023, Dropbox outperformed its competitors – Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive – in 289 out of 336 comparisons of file uploading, downloading and syncing.
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Sync files more quickly with Dropbox (US report)

  • Dropbox was twice as fast as Box in the macOS comparison and 4 times as fast as Google Drive in the PC comparison when syncing a 25 MB file. For reference, a 25 MB file is the maximum attachment size for a Gmail message. Choose Dropbox for swift and efficient file synchronisation, guaranteeing your focus remains on collaboration, not syncing delays.

Quickly sync and upload files with Dropbox (European report)

  • Across Berlin and London, Dropbox won in 145 out of 168 comparisons. Dropbox was the quickest to upload a 250 MB file on both Mac and PC devices. To put it in perspective, a 250 MB file is approximately a three-minute 4K video with a 10mbps bitrate. Dropbox demonstrates quick upload speeds, meaning more time to analyse documents and discuss solutions.

Upload and sync files and folders with Dropbox (Japan report)

  • Dropbox efficiently uploaded a folder containing 10,000 1 KB files in under eleven minutes on both Mac and PC devices. In comparison, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive took considerably longer, ranging from 27 minutes to one and a half hours. For reference, 1 KB files can be short emails or small images. The swift upload capabilities of Dropbox reduce waiting time, allowing both in-person and dispersed teams to enhance productivity by quickly accessing content.

*This project was commissioned by Dropbox.

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